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Pricing for Individual Seller Listings

MHVillage Options for Selling Your Home    Basic    Featured Premium
24/7 advertising with access to thousands of visitors every day CheckCheckCheck
Fully indexed and searchable by Google, Yahoo, and others CheckCheckCheck
Full page ad with 2 photos CheckCheckCheck
Option to upload your floor plan CheckCheckCheck
Unlimited changes and updates CheckCheckCheck
Email leads sent to you instantly CheckCheckCheck
Instant activation CheckCheckCheck
Map and full color printable versions of the listing CheckCheckCheck
Important statistics about your listing activity CheckCheckCheck
FREE Seller's Kit and "For Sale by Owner" home sign CheckCheckCheck
Big, bold appearance on all search results pages CheckCheck
Eye catching photo on all search results pages CheckCheck
6 additional photos on your listing page (8 total) CheckCheck
Sales caption text on all search results pages CheckCheck
Over 2 times more viewings than a basic listing CheckCheck
Top search results Check
Unlimited photos on your listing page Check
Community photos automatically added to your listing page Check
Inclusion in the ONLY Manufactured Home Listing Exchange (MH/LX) Check
Include a link from your listing to your personal web site or blog Check
Multiple sellers' email addresses Check
Include a link to your virtual tour Check
Over 4 times more views than a basic listing Check
ONE TIME FEE UNTIL THE HOME HAS SOLD! $49.95 $99.95 $149.95

FAQs: How does MHVillage work? (Click a question to view the answer.)

Why list with MHVillage?

How do I add photos to my listing?

All listings include at least two photos; Premium listings include unlimited photos. MHVillage makes it easy to upload digital photos from your computer with a step by step process including a tutorial video that will walk you through it. In addition to adding your home photos you can add descriptions to each photo to really sell your home, for example: Beautiful Lake View.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! We have a simple online form to enter the information about your home, including details like the selling price, address, year of home, and more. You will also have the choice of selecting whether the home is for rent, for sale, or both. During this process you will create an account which will let you edit your listing at anytime.

After submitting the home information you can also add photos. Each listing includes at least two photos; Premium listings can have unlimited photos. Don't have photos right now? Don't worry - they can always be added at a later time.

Get started now.

What information do I need to list my home?

There are a few pieces of information required to list your home on MHVillage - the address of the home, year, home size, bedroom and bath count, etc. We created forms to help sellers gather the information necessary to list a home on MHVillage. Download our MHVillage listing form.

How do I know how to price my home?

MHVillage offers a free NADA book value for all sellers listing their home on our site. This can help you determine your price, as most lenders use the NADA book value to determine the maximum loan value for your home. If your sale price is higher than the book value, your buyer will have a difficult time getting a loan. Knowing the maximum book value of your home will help you set a realistic selling price for your home.

After you enter the details about your home in your listing, the information is used to calculate a book value and it is emailed directly to you.

NADA and NADA Manufactured Home Cost Guide are trademarks of the National Automobile Dealers Association and National Appraisal Guides, Inc. respectively. MHVillage, Inc. is not affiliated with either organization.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely! You can easily cancel any time, online, 24 hours a day. There are no cancellation fees.

If I don't want to do it online, can I mail the information on my home?

Absolutely! We have a form with complete instructions that you can print, fill out, and mail in - along with your photos.

Click here to download and print our List by Mail form.

When is the listing active and what if I want to make changes?

Our system is entirely automatic - as soon as you complete your listing, it is online and ready to be found by buyers on MHVillage. (Other websites can take a week or more.) In addition, your listing can be modified at any time. Change the price, photos, home description or anything else as you see fit; again, your changes will show up instantly.

Can I see how many people are looking at my listing?

Absolutely. You can log in anytime to see how many people are shopping for homes in your area and viewing your home. Your account will also track buyer emails and allow you to add special features like open house promotions.

What do I do when the home sells?

Simply log into your account and mark your home as sold! You can make updates and changes to your listing at any time 24/7 and they will appear instantly on MHVillage.

Need more information on MHVillage?

We offer additional information about our company and how to sell your homes on MHVillage. Click here to download a pdf of more information.

Have more questions?

We are happy to help! Please email the customer service department with your questions.

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