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Showcase Your Community

Showcased communities appear above any basic community when a customer searches for communities on MHVillage. When you Showcase your community you get listed as a Top Community on our advertising pages arranged by state. Don't miss out on all of the publicity you could be getting by upgrading your basic community to a Showcase.

Communities on MHVillage receive on average 22,000 views a day and 660,000 views a month.

Basic Promotion

Showcased Promotion (also includes all basic features)

  • CheckBasic promotion is FREE
  • CheckHighlight your community benefits
  • CheckAttract qualified residents
  • CheckReceive free email leads
  • CheckEdit and Update your community 24/7
  • CheckInclude up to two community photos
  • Check5 to 10 times more views than a basic level promotion
  • CheckYour community is featured as a Top Community on your state page
  • CheckUnlimited community photos
  • CheckA link to your community's website
  • CheckAll competitive ads are removed
  • CheckA bolder, more compelling community presentation
  • CheckContact phone number included
  • CheckInclude your company logo
  • CheckUnlimited community description section
  • CheckSpecial financing and rent promotion section
  • CheckYour homes for sale featured 1st at the premium level
  • CheckYour community featured in Top Showcase section in search results
  • CheckA printable community brochure

To find your community, enter the city/state or zip code where it is located:


PLEASE NOTE: The changes you make to this community will not appear for 2-3 days as we verify and authenticate them.

FAQs: How does Showcasing work? (Click a question to view the answer.)

How is a Showcased community different than a basic community profile?

Your Showcased community will have a bigger, bolder presentation on all lists of communities. Also, your community will be listed in the top Showcase section of communities in your area. Only Showcased communities will display (if applicable):

  • Rent promotions
  • Special financing promotions
  • Other special promotions
  • Detailed contact information including your sales office phone and website
  • A detailed, customized description of your community
  • The number of available vacant lots
  • The number of available rental homes
  • Printable community brochure
  • Virtual tour link

Can I see how many people are looking at my community?

Absolutely. You can log in anytime to see how many people are searching communities in your area and viewing your community profile. Your account statistics will also track the number of users who sent an email to you, referred your community to a friend, and much more!

How many photos can I add to my community profile?

A basic community profile only displays two photos of the community. With a Showcased community, you can upload as many photos of the community as you like.

Can I add a link to our community's website?

Yes, that's one of the many benefits of Showcasing your community. You can also upload a printable community brochure, link to a virtual tour of your community, list your rent promotions, and so much more!

How do I make changes to my community?

Once you create an account, you will be able to log in at any time and update the information you've posted in the community profile. Go to the "View Your Communities" section on your main account page and choose "Edit Details" to make changes to your community profile.

Will the changes display immediately?

In order to maintain the integrity of our database, we carefully validate anyone who claims to be a community's manager/owner/operator. The changes made to a community will not appear on the site for 2-3 days as we verify and authenticate your identity.

How do I show the homes for sale in my community?

It's easy to list your homes for sale on MHVillage. In fact, when you list homes, they will be featured first on your Showcased community profile. You can add new listings on your main account page or visit our Sell Your Home page to learn more.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely! You can easily cancel any time, online, 24 hours a day. There are no cancellation fees.

Have more questions?

We are happy to help! Please email the customer service department with your questions.

Benefits of Showcasing on MHVillage.com

  1. Attract more prospects to your community listing with:
    • A bigger, bolder presentation on all lists of communities
    • Your community is always listed in the top SHOWCASE section
    • Your photos are displayed in a more attractive, bolder, and bigger size
    • Your promotions are featured prominently on all lists of communities
    • If you sell homes in your community, they are always featured first in your community listing
  2. Only SHOWCASE Communities will display (if applicable):
    • Rent Promotions
    • Special Financing Promotions
    • Other Special Promotions
    • Detailed contact information including your sales office phone and website
    • A detailed Customized description of your community
    • The number of Available Vacant Lots
    • The number of Available Rental Homes
    • Printable Community Brochure
    • Virtual Tour Link
  3. Your SHOWCASE Community Listing is more attractive and effective because:
    • The distracting advertisements on the right side of your community listing are removed so your prospects focus only on you
    • Your community photos are larger, bolder, and more inviting
    • Your custom logo or graphic is displayed instead of the MHVillage logo
  4. More community listing viewers means more prospective residents for you!
    • SHOWCASE communities are viewed 5 to 10 times more often than basic listings
    • Viewers are 3 to 7 times more likely to call, e-mail, or request more information on SHOWCASE communities
    • The more qualified prospects you attract, the more likely you'll be able to keep your community filled with quality residents
  5. There's no long-term commitment
    • Start or stop your SHOWCASE option at any time
    • The SHOWCASE fee is automatically billed monthly but prorated daily
    • If you start today and stop tomorrow, you will only be billed for 2 days
    • If your community fills or you simply can't handle the number of prospects, simply suspend the SHOWCASE level until you need it again
    • There are no SHOWCASE start-up or suspension charges - start and stop whenever you want