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How Mobile Home Dealers Can Help Homebuyers

Manufactured and mobile home dealers can be excellent resources for individuals looking to buy any type of factory-built home. This is especially true for homebuyers who are new to purchasing a manufactured home. Retailers can walk homebuyers through how the process works, and buyers who appreciate all the finest details on their new home will have a reliable place to call.

Through a relationship-focused approach to servicing the needs and wants of a home shopper, manufactured home dealers offer guidance through:

Site Selection

Floor Plan Details


Set Up

Lending Options

Mobile home dealers provide the MOST VALUE to home shoppers by serving as trusted advisors that you can go to for advice and rely on for years to come

Dealers Help You Define Your Home Buying Criteria

A well-known advantage of manufactured and mobile homes is customization. Homes can be constructed to a certain floor plan size, layout and can be tailored to include a variety of different interior and exterior design features and materials options.

With all the options possible, it's crucial to know what you truly want in a home. This means identifying the features that align closely with your style and budget.

They Offer Guidance & Expertise to Envision Your Dream Home

To help you understand these most important needs and wants, dealers offer the opportunity to walk-through and inspect homes they have on-site. Many mobile home dealers will have a sizable inventory of homes to give you the chance to envision how you and your belongings may fit in different models. Independent dealers choose their own mix of products to geature and will typically showcase a variety of brands and models.

Classifying your criteria for an ideal home can be helpful. Your manufactured home dealer can help you naviage your whishlist in the most effective manner. Some of the approaches used in a retail setting will include discussion on:

Essential, can't-live-without features

Non-Essential, nice-to-have features

Supplemental, bonus features

Independent Dealers Provide Local, Personalized Service

It’s also good to know that independent mobile home dealers and retailers are regionally focused. Inventory is chosen based on the buying preferences of local customers, many times for generations of homebuyers.Working with local customers means helping to order from the factory that is nearest to the desired homesite, as well as knowledge about local government inspection and zoning practices.More than anything, mobile home dealers provide the most value to home shoppers by serving as trusted advisors that you can go to for advice and rely on for years to come.

Mobile Home Dealers Provide Post-Buying Support

Aside from home-buying assistance, mobile home dealers also help customers in the following ways after a sale:

  • Insurance/warranty assistance
  • Management of home transportation
  • Advice regarding site work
  • A resource for after-sale improvements, or additions
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