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The benefits of buying a manufactured home:

Today's factory-built homes - manufactured or modular - provide you great style, exceptional value and cost 10 to 35 percent less to build than a comparably-sized, site-built home. The benefits of manufactured and modular homes go beyond mere cost ... they include quality construction, customization options, modern amenities, energy efficiency and livability you want in your new home. Manufactured homes provide you more bang for your housing dollar.

New factory-built homes are built with the same building materials used in any site-built construction, but in a controlled factory environment where construction quality is superior to what can be done outdoors. Once the homes are basically completed in the factory, the homes are transported to their home site, where finishing construction work is then completed. The construction codes for factory-built homes incorporate the latest wind resistance techniques and construction technologies, meaning that factory-constructed homes exceed the wind resistance of site-built homes by as much as 25%.Thanks to stringent building codes, safety inspections standards, and comprehensive installation requirements, a new manufactured home may be the safest home you can buy.

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Arizona 42 mobile homes for rent
252 mobile homes for sale
34 new homes
3 Open Houses
California 1 mobile home for rent
22 mobile homes for sale
16 new homes
Colorado 12 mobile homes for rent
60 mobile homes for sale
43 new homes
Delaware 6 mobile homes for rent
35 mobile homes for sale
24 new homes
Florida 76 mobile homes for rent
476 mobile homes for sale
140 new homes
Idaho 2 mobile homes for sale
1 new home
Illinois 5 mobile homes for rent
28 mobile homes for sale
1 new home
Indiana 2 mobile homes for rent
2 mobile homes for sale
Maryland 4 mobile homes for sale
4 new homes
Michigan 1 mobile home for rent
2 mobile homes for sale
Minnesota 4 mobile homes for rent
23 mobile homes for sale
19 new homes
North Dakota 1 mobile home for rent
7 mobile homes for sale
2 new homes
New Jersey 2 mobile homes for rent
10 mobile homes for sale
7 new homes
10 Open Houses
Nevada 2 mobile homes for rent
2 mobile homes for sale
2 new homes
New York 1 mobile home for rent
15 mobile homes for sale
10 new homes
Oregon 8 mobile homes for sale
Pennsylvania 16 mobile homes for sale
8 new homes
South Carolina 1 mobile home for sale
1 new home
Texas 23 mobile homes for rent
67 mobile homes for sale
6 new homes
Utah 1 mobile home for rent
Virginia 19 mobile homes for sale
17 new homes
Wisconsin 7 mobile homes for sale
1 new home