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MHVillage does not own, operate, or manage any of the homes, communities, or companies listed on our website.

Below are instructions for contacting the correct party to get the help you need.

If you have an issue in your community, a complaint about a neighbor or community manager, or have questions about community policies

If this is an emergency please call 911 immediately.

MHVillage does not own, operate, manage, or police the communities listed on our website. So, we cannot assist with community-related issues. However, there are two options we recommend.

1. Contact the community directly

If you already have a phone number or email address for the community, that is your best option. However, if you do not know the community's contact information, you can search MHVillage for the community and use the 'Email Community' or 'Call Community' buttons to contact the community directly using the email or phone number they provided in their listing.

2. Contact your state's manufactured housing association for help

If you are unable to find contact information for the community or if you feel that there is improper activity, we encourage you to reach out to your state's manufactured housing association. They will have more expertise and resources available to assist you. You can find your state's association here.

If you want to leave an online review about your community

To leave an online review for your community, first search for the name of your community online or on the review platform of your choice. When you find your community, make sure the profile where you are posting the review belongs to the community itself and does not say MHVillage. It also helps to make sure the address of the community listed matches the community where you live, since some communities in different areas have similar names. Once you are certain you have the right profile for your community, use the tools provided by the online review site to leave your review.

For example, if you post a review about an experience you had at Sunshine Village Estates on MHVillage's Facebook page, it would be flagged as inappropriate content and removed by Facebook since MHVillage does not own, operate, or manage Sunshine Village Estates. Instead, find the Facebook page for Sunshine Village Estates and post your review there so it reaches the correct business.

To pay your rent

MHVillage does not accept or process rent payments. To pay your monthly rent or land-lease fee, please contact the community where you live to learn what payment options they provide.

If you have questions about a home listed on MHVillage

If you found a home on MHVillage that you are interested in but have questions for the seller, please contact the seller directly using the 'Call Seller,' 'Text Seller,' or 'Email Seller' buttons on their listing. MHVillage does not have any additional information about the home outside of what the seller provided in their listing. And because we do not own the home, we are not a party to any negotiations on price, terms, financing options, or any aspect of the home sales transaction.