Professional Accounts

Professionals benefit from either a "Pro" or a "Pro+" options package. These packages differ in the level of visibility, lead generation, and promotion your Business receives from MHVillage. Professional users must select one or the other before they can post listings under the professional schedule of prices.

Choosing an Package

The optimum package for you depends on your situation and goals. The low cost Pro package is best for you if:

  1. You primarily want access to the MH/LX data so you can be compensated for selling other peoples' listings.
  2. You operate in a "hot" market where aggressive buyers actively seek any available homes.

The Pro+ package may be the best option if:

  1. You are developing a professional, long-term marketing system that includes an Internet component.
  2. You operate in a competitive market.
  3. You want targeted sales leads.

Examine the features of each package to see which one meets your needs. Keep in mind, any charges are accrued on a daily basis, so you can upgrade for a few days for a nominal fee.

The Flat Fee Pro Account

The Flat Fee Pro account is designed for Real Estate Agents and other professionals who typically list only a few homes each year with MHVillage. This account provides the framework to enter, update, track, and delete listings.

An Unlimited Number of Listings

Once you have your account, post as many homes as you like, by paying a one time fee per home listing. Professional users are not restricted in the number of listings they can post.

Access to the Manufactured Home Listing Exchange (MH/LX)

The MH/LX allows sellers to set the terms for commission sharing on a listing by listing basis. With a Flat Fee Pro account you can access these terms to select which homes look interesting to help broker.

The Pro Package

The Pro package is the least expensive way for a professional to begin working with MHVillage. This account provides the framework to enter, update, track, and delete listings.

An Unlimited Number of Listings

Once you have your account, post as many homes as you like. Professional users are not restricted in the number of listings they can post.

Access to the Manufactured Home Listing Exchange (MH/LX)

The MH/LX allows sellers to set the terms for commission sharing on a listing by listing basis. With a Pro package you can access these terms to select which homes look interesting to help broker.

Your Own Fully Functional and Indexed Profile Web Page Featuring Only Your Listings

All accounts receive their own personal Profile web page within MHVillage. You can update your Profile page wih your company's phone number, hours of operation, directions to your location, and your business' slogan. This page will feature your listings - and only your listings. It is a great place to send prospects to show them all the homes you have available.

Your Company Featured on the Advertising Page for Your State

All advertising targeted at a particular state drives traffic to a state specific page. With your first listing, your business will be featured on that page. Our advertising pages are some of our most popular pages on MHVillage.

Your Company Featured on the Top Dealers Page

This heavily-trafficked page is popular with home buyers looking to buy today.

The Pro+ Package

The Pro+ package has all the features of the Pro package, but adds significantly improved visibility for your company. We add high profile links on our most heavily visited pages PLUS Ideal Home and FSBO leads.

Start with Everything from the Pro Package

PLUS Features to Drive Traffic and Leads:

Ideal Home Buyers Leads in Your Designated Marketing Area

Home buyers frequently enter the type and location of the home they are looking for. Just select your marketing area, and these leads will be emailed to you as soon as they are entered.

For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) Leads in Your Designated Marketing Area

Select your marketing area, and anytime a FSBO lists a home in that area, you will be notified.

High Profile Link on the Advertising Page

The state-specific Advertising pages have the geographically targeted manufactured housing traffic you need for Internet success. Get your share of this traffic with these special features:

High Profile Link on the Top Dealers Page

Similar to the Advertising page upgrade, but focused on the Top Dealers page. Special features include:

Your Logo on Your Profile Web Page

Private-label your Profile web page on MHVillage by removing the MHVillage logo and replacing it with your graphic or photo.

Advertising Removed from Your Profile Web Page

Keep the customers focused on your company and listings by removing the distractions. All MHVillage and Google ads are removed.

Your Company Web Site Link on Your Profile Web Page

Direct traffic back to your company web site with a link on your MHVillage Profile web page. Not only does this link directly provide traffic, but over time, Google's link popularity index should improve the search results for your company's web site.

Professional Seller Listing Options

Professional home sellers have three levels of service available: Basic, Featured, and Premium listings. Listing upgrades are selected on a listing-by-listing basis, and can change daily.

Review the choices carefully to see which listing option includes your features of interest.

Basic listings may be adequate for some markets. Upgraded listings are for more crowded or competitive markets.

Special Professional Flexibility

Because professional listings accrue charges on a daily basis, you can test market conditions with temporary upgrades. If you try the Featured or Premium level for a week, you will only be charged for that week. Rotate which listings you are showcasing and again, you are only charged for the actual days and listings you have upgraded.

The Basic Listing

There is no additional charge for Basic listings when you have a professional account on MHVillage.

Inclusion in the ONLY Manufactured Home Listing Exchange (MH/LX)

With MHVillage you can now selectively and voluntarily enlist the services of other professionals to sell your listing. However, unlike typical MLSs, the MH/LX is completely voluntary and imposes no rules, added costs, restrictions, or penalties. You decide on a listing-by-listing basis whether to make a listing available for co-brokering, and you specify the terms under which you will share the listing commission. If you don’t want to share a particular listing, you simply don’t. On the ones you will share, you state the terms, conditions, and timing under which you will share commission and let the other professionals know the rules for showing and closing the listing. It’s easy, it’s voluntary, and it’s completely under your control!

Fully Indexed and Searchable from Internet Search Engines

Your listing is linked so it can be found and indexed by Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Once indexed, highly targeted searches will often result in first page, first entry results for your home.

Full Page Ad with Two Photos

The Basic listing includes two thumbnail photos which expand to full-screen when clicked. The photos can feature the home or its surroundings.

Include a Floor Plan of your Home

If you have a floor plan of your home, this feature allows you to upload a copy to the "Home Information" section of the listing. This is an additional graphic to the 2 photos included in a Basic listing.

Unlimited Changes and Updates to Your Listing

Once activated, your listing can be updated at any time. Change the price, photos, home description or anything else as you see fit. The single exception is the home’s address which can not be changed after the first week.

On-line Contact Form for each Listing

The listing includes an on-line contact form for the shoppers to fill out. Details include name, email address, phone number, and comments giving you full control when and how to contact the prospect.

Email Address Security

We cloak (hide) your email address on the web site to prevent unauthorized use by spammers or other unscrupulous people. Legitimate leads are processed on our servers and emailed to you without revealing your email address to the requesting party.

24/7 Advertising with Access to Thousands of Visitors Every Day

The network of MHVillage web sites deliver an unparalleled volume of highly targeted home buyers. Also, our server farm and multiple Internet access points assure the highest quality delivery of your listing to the shopping public. All told, your listing works 24 hours a day funneling top quality leads directly to you.

Access to the Largest On-line Market for Manufactured Housing

MHVillage has more manufactured homes for sale than any other manufactured housing site. This volume generates the visitors you need. It is just like a mall: stores group together to attract shoppers.

Advertising on Google, Yahoo!, and Other Locations

By far the largest search engine is Google, and our indexing specialists assure your home can be found. Try any top search string and MHVillage is on the first page - often the top result.

Map and Printable Version of the Listing

Each Listing has a link to an interactive map of your home's location. You can also hit the "Print Listing" link for a print-friendly version of your listing for brochures or flyers.

Statistics about Your Listing Activity

Once posted, you will be able to log in to your account and view a report of the shopping activity at your listing.

Instant Activation

Our system is entirely automatic. As soon as you "Activate your Listing", it is on line and ready to be found by city, zip code, county, or advanced searches. Other services can take a week or more.

The Featured Listing

If the searches for your home are crowded with competing results, consider this upgrade. The Featured listing has everything in the Basic listing, but includes upgrades that get your home noticed.

Bold Text on Search Results Page

Make your listing stand out on search results pages with bold text.

Thumbnail Photo on Search Results Page

Attract attention with a thumbnail picture of your home in the list results.

Additional Photos on Listing Page

The Basic listing includes two thumbnail photos which expand to full-screen when clicked. The Featured listing gives you two additional photos for a total of four.

Additional Line of Text on Search Results Page

Invite people to view you listing with a tag-line or phrase right on the search results.


Our research indicates on average your listing will be viewed 50% more with a Featured listing than the Basic listing alone.

The Premium Listing

The Premium listing is for competitive markets requiring the most exposure. You may also want this upgrade if your home is less expensive than nearby homes. By default, homes are ordered by price from most to least expensive.

The Premium listing has everything in the Featured listing, plus:

Top of List Placement on Search Results Page

Premium listings are always listed first. Your home will always appear in the top group of listings. Get your best exposure for any zip code, city, or county search that includes your home.

Unlimited Photos on Listing Page

The Premium listing includes an unlimited number of photos. Showcase every room and all of your home's best features!

Community Photos Included on Listing Page

We directly link to our community database of over 17,000 communities and copy the photos into your listing. And best of all, these images are brought in automatically with no additional work on your part.

Multiple Seller Emails

Usually only one email is sent out any time a potential buyer requests information. With a Premium listing, you can have these information requests sent to up to four total email addresses. Use this feature to email buyer information requests to your home, spouse, and/or work accounts.

Virtual Tour Link

If you have signed up for a third party virtual tour service, you can paste a link to your tour in this optional field. You can also paste a link to a YouTube video of your home.

Linking to Your Web Site

Drive traffic to your personal web site and display even more information and details about your home.


Our research indicates that on average your home will be viewed 80% more often with a Premium listing than the Basic listing alone.

Remove Google Ads and Brand Your Listing

Select this option to remove Google advertisements from your listing and to personalize it with your company's branding and marketing information. This can include your photo, your company's logo and marketing information, as well as links to your other homes that are for sale. We automatically include the information and graphics that you have provided for your profile page to brand your listing and increase your name recognition and marketing impact.

Payment Details

Professional users are not initially charged when they list homes or create accounts. Instead, we will validate your credit card by authorizing and returning one dollar. Over the next month charges will accrue based on the number and type of listings and accounts. After approximately thirty days your card will be billed for the previous month's charges.

For simplicity, listing and account fees are posted as monthly amounts, but the actual charges accrue daily. For example, If you upgrade a listing for fifteen days, you will only be charged for approximately half a month.

Names on Credit Card

Enter your first and last names as they appear stamped on your credit card. Do not include your middle initial even if it is on your card.

The credit card name is frequently different from the contact name on the account or listing.

Address for Credit Card

Fill in the billing address for your credit card. The billing address must exactly match the address your credit card company has on file for you - usually the address to which your monthly statement is sent. The billing address can be a PO Box if that is where the monthly credit card statement is sent.

The billing address is frequently different from the address of the account or listing.

Other Payment Options

Some of our largest clients may elect to pre-pay. A substantial deposit is required. Please call (877) 853-0297 for details.