Buying a Mobile Home in Michigan

Buying a Mobile Home in Michigan

Welcome to the new entry of our 50 States series, where we examine the latest resources, data, and information for manufactured home buyers in states all across the country. Our series includes state-by-state buying guides that provide an insider’s insight to buyers who live in a particular state or want to move there. 

Today, we’ll examine the great state of Michigan and its manufactured home market. Michigan has beautiful Great Lakes scenery and Midwestern charm to spare, and there are many great manufactured homes for sale in Michigan and manufactured home communities in Michigan for those looking to relocate. 

By the Numbers: Mobile Homes in Michigan

Manufactured housing might not be a cornerstone of the Michigan housing market the way it is in other states like Florida. But those looking for manufactured home options in Michigan will still find plenty to love, according to these numbers from 

  • Average Price of a Pre-Owned Manufactured Home: $46,137
  • Average Model Year of a Pre-Owned Manufactured Home: 2005
  • Average Square Footage of Pre-Owned Manufactured Homes: 1,342
  • Average Year a Manufactured Home Community Was Developed: 1980
  • Number of Age-Restricted Communities: 89
  • Number of All-Ages Communities: 915

A high-quality, cost-effective manufactured home makes it easier to enjoy all the great things that the Wolverine State has to offer. Next, we’ll look at the paperwork and taxes required for manufactured home owners in Michigan. 

Did You Know?

Wixom and Romulus both made it in our top 10 most affordable places to buy a mobile home.

Title, Registration and Taxes for Mobile Homes in Michigan

The process of getting a Michigan manufactured home title isn’t significantly different from most other states. It’s not an especially difficult process, but it’s critical to ensure that all of the pieces are in place. 

For those with a manufactured home titled as personal property rather than real estate, you’ll need its Michigan manufactured home title (officially known as a Certificate of Manufactured Home Ownership). When buying a manufactured home through a dealer, the dealer will file an application for a title with the Michigan Secretary of State. When buying a manufactured home from its owner, the buyer and seller must file an S-110L application with the Secretary of State’s office, certifying the transfer of the home’s title from its original owner to its new owner. 

If a property owner affixes a manufactured home to a permanent foundation and retitles it as real property, the homeowner must file an affidavit of affixture with the Secretary of State’s office. Once the home has been retitled, it’s considered to be real property and is bought and sold using the same procedures as a site-built home. 

It’s critically important for Michigan manufactured home owners to have proof of their home’s serial number. When buying a manufactured home from a private seller, check to ensure that the serial number on the bill of sale matches the home’s serial number, which can be found on the mobile home data plate that should be located in a closet, cabinet or utility area. 

Michigan manufactured home owners must also pay taxes on their homes. You’ll pay one of two different types of taxes upon completing the transaction for your new home: sales tax (for manufactured homes sold through a Michigan manufactured home dealer) or use tax (for manufactured homes sold through private transactions). However, there’s some good news: Michigan assesses no annual tax on manufactured homes

For more information on Michigan manufactured home titles and taxes, see the state government’s Michigan Manufactured Housing FAQ document. It’s often a good idea to use the services of a real estate agent or lawyer to ensure that all aspects of your transaction are properly documented and legally sound. 

Resources for Mobile Home Buyers in Michigan 

MHVillage offers a collection of free online resources for buying a manufactured home in Michigan, including:

No matter what state you’re in, MHVillage offers the best manufactured home selection and manufactured home resources. For those interested in investing in a durable, safe and attractive home in Michigan, just browse our selection of manufactured homes in Michigan to get started today. And make sure to check out the articles in our Featured Markets section for the most up-to-date info on the manufactured housing market.

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