Louisville Show Attendees Cautioned About Possible Hotel Scam

Scam Alert - Louisville Show Attendees

The Louisville Manufactured Housing Show, held Jan. 17-19, has issued a warning to attendees and potential attendees that a possible fraudulent scam has been uncovered involving an individual or individuals calling to offer assistance with hotel reservations.

The Louisville Show 2018 has no agreements with providers for this service, and is not making calls to registered or likely attendees about room reservations. Below is a portion of the statement released by the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The caller or callers have acted “as a ‘Hotel provider for our show’,” according to a statement by Show organizers. “They are contacting individuals in the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show community, soliciting ‘business’. Specifically, they will offer to make hotel reservations within the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show room block at the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show rate on your behalf, and they may also misrepresent that they are calling from the HOTEL.

The Louisville Manufactured Housing Show is not utilizing the services of any housing service reservations for the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show”.

Hotel reservations in relation to The Louisville Show should be initiated by the card holder/attendee and those reservations should be made directly with the hotel.

The Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau stated similar hotel reservation scams have been perpetrated in relation to other conventions or industry gatherings in the city as well.

Any questions or concerns about this unfortunate development should be directed toward The Louisville Show organizers by contacting them through the website or calling (770) 587-3350.

The Louisville Show 2018 organizers offer apologies for those who must now concern themselves with the possibility of a scam related to the Show’s lodging.