UltraX Drywall Tape Withstands the Rigors of Manufactured Home Transportation

Self-Adhesive Drywall Tape
UltraX from Saint-Gobain ADFORS applies to drywall in manufactured homes.

First-Of-Its-Kind Drywall Tape from Saint-Gobain ADFORS is Designed for the Unique Requirements of Manufactured and Modular Home Construction

UltraX is a self-adhesive drywall tape developed specifically for the transportation requirements of manufactured and modular home construction.  

According to the manufacturer, Saint-Gobain ADFORS, UltraX does more than hide drywall joints. It also reinforces them to better withstand the forces encountered by the completed home during transportation.

UltraX employs a patented multi-directional design that protects drywall joints from the unavoidable lateral movements and shifting that manufactured and modular homes are subject to in transport. UltraX is 60 percent stronger than traditional mesh drywall tapes, according to the company. The tape will help to reduce wall repairs after delivery of modular and manufactured homes.

The self-adhesive feature saves time on both application and drying. By eliminating the need for a pre-bedding coat, joints dry more quickly and are less subject to the bubbles and blisters common with paper drywall tape.

Saint-Gobain’s product is also wider than traditional drywall tapes, which contributes to better gap coverage and better stress distribution. UltraX is 2 3/8 inches wide; the common measurement is 1 7/8.

Saint-Gobain ADFORS markets UltraX to drywall suppliers in earthquake zones, in addition to the manufactured housing industry.

ADFORS Stands for ‘Added Reinforcement’

For more than 50 years, Saint-Gobain ADFORS has focused on what it terms “technical textiles”. ADFORS invented mesh drywall tape in 1965 and revolutionized the drywall tape market with the FibaTape brand. The company offers a variety of application-specific and premium drywall tapes throughout the world.

Headquartered in Grand Island, N.Y., Saint-Gobain ADFORS is a division of the Paris-based Saint-Gobain Group. 

Created by Louis XIV in 1665 to compete for a share of the increasingly popular mirror glass trade, Saint-Gobain has evolved over the past 350 years from a simple glassworks to a vertically integrated multinational with annual revenues exceeding $44 billion. The Saint-Gobain Group operates in 66 countries.