SECO Announces Virtual Conference on Manufactured Housing

virtual SECO Schedule of presenters and panelists
Community owners meet Sept. 28 - Oct. 1 in a virtual setting.

Registration is Now Open for SECO20 National Conference of Community Owners

SECO20 will be a virtual event on a robust digital platform that in many ways will replicate the attendee, presenter, exhibitor experience so many manufactured housing professionals have come to appreciate and enjoy during the organization’s 10-year run.

The SECO National Conference of Community Owners was organized for community owners, by community owners with an annual conference in the Atlanta area that has grown to a national event representing all parts of the industry.

In recent years, SECO has attracted more than 400 attendees. Organizers anticipate attendance could increase in 2020 due to the virtual access and the limited number of industry events being held.

In addition to attending, individuals and organizations in the manufactured housing industry can benefit from unique exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities with SECO20.

For more than a decade, the committed group of manufactured housing professionals has assembled and dedicated itself to building an industry meeting in an effort to share best practices and form new ideas.

In 2020, the SECO National Conference of Community Owners again seeks to create a fresh and compelling experience this time in a virtual setting, and with all of the access and camaraderie attendees have come to expect.

SECO20 Virtual SECO

Dates for the Virtual SECO are Sept. 28 – Oct. 1

“We anticipate accommodating just as many attendees, if not more, for our first conference on a virtual platform,” SECO Co-Founder Spencer Roane said. “We want our attendees to be able to have continued access to the offerings that matter most to them, which includes interacting with industry exhibitors, as well as sitting in on educational panels and discussions, and being able to step aside for more personal interaction with other attendees.”

SECO20 Goes Virtual for COVID-19 Limitations

For months, COVID-19 and associated protocols have kept people at home, or in as limited circulation as possible. However, the manufactured housing industry is essential and work must continue in the safest way possible.

“While travel, and gathering as large groups may be difficult to impossible in the coming months, the essential work of our industry must continue and is continuing,” SECO Co-Founder David Roden said. “Just as we are required and compelled to do in the offices, in our communities, and in the field, we have to find the best possible way to keep industry momentum, productivity, and quality on the rise in a safe and healthy manner. And working on a virtual platform to share our intentions and ideas is a great way to do that.”

SECO20 will be held on video screens nationwide, with 2- to 3-hour segments that allow manufactured housing professionals to continue their daily work and get the industry interaction and experience they need to be successful.

SECO20 Topics In Development

  • Best practices in manufactured housing during COVID-19
  • Financing and options for raising capital
  • Marketing your community effectively
  • Selling versus renting homes
  • Case studies of successful communities
  • Tips for new land-lease community owners
  • Developing a new community (or renovating an existing one)
  • State of our industry and its future
  • Online reputation management
  • How to manage manufactured home community upgrades
  • 1-minute money makers
  • More to come!

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