11 Photos That Sell Your Manufactured Home

Photos that sell your manufactured home

Photos Sell

We all know that the right photo or selection of photos is important in the advertising world, no matter what you’re selling. When it comes to homes, knowing the top photos that sell your manufactured home can be super beneficial.

Get Things In Order

The order of the photos is a detail that often is overlooked. But it is very important. When updating your online ad for a manufactured home, it is most effective if you put the photos in order of how one would experience the home in person.

Photo 1: ExteriorPhotos That Sell Your Manufactured Home

The first impression is incredibly important, especially when it comes to photos. Making sure your curb appeal is on point is a must. Keep it clean and fresh with a maintained yard and fresh exterior paint. Then pick the time of day where the sun hits *just* right.

(Pro Tip: If your home is in a state where you enjoy all four seasons, be sure your photos are updated to reflect the current season. I.E. Selling a home in June with snow on the ground for the photo makes the home listing look old and outdated).

Photo 2: Entry-Living Room

Photos That Sell Your Manufactured Home

Walk through your home with the lens of someone new. So, start by capturing the first room or view they would get. All manufactured home floor plans are different, so be sure and get a few pictures at the right angle with as much natural light as possible.

Photo 3: KitchenPhotos That Sell Your Manufactured Home

We all know this is one of, if not the most, important rooms in the house. A key in capturing the kitchen in a good photo is cleanliness! So, be sure your countertops and appliances are clean and free of clutter before snapping a pic or two.

Photo 4: Porch/Patio Area

Photos That Sell Your Manufactured HomeSimilar to capturing the first exterior shot, you want to be sure the time of day is right for these images. Surprisingly enough taking exterior photos on a day that is overcast will actually garner the best results as too much sun can provide a whole new list of obstacles.

Photos 5-9: Bedrooms/Storage

Photos That Sell Your Manufactured Home

Just like the previous shots, you want to be sure the bedrooms and storage areas are clean and organized before photo time. This not only shows more of the space and less of your stuff but it also shows the potential buyer how to utilize the space.

Photos That Sell Your Manufactured HomePhoto 10: Bathroom

Let’s face it, everyone knows what a bathroom looks like. However, you still want to include a photo. Also, don’t lead with the bathroom as the first photo. Just a standard well lit, entryway view of the water closet is perfectly acceptable!

Photo 11: Garage/CarportPhotos That Sell Your Manufactured Home

Once again, organization is KING. Clean and organize space within your garage or car-port too. This area also tends to have a hard time with natural light. For this reason, take a few photos from different angles and then review them after for the best options.

While a lot of these suggestions might seem simple, they really do make the difference.

These tips on the photos that sell your manufactured home will hopefully help you reach that goal!

P.S: As you take good photos of your home listings, be sure and update your advertisements right away! MHVillage home listings let you offer a minimum of 2 photos on a Basic listing and Unlimited photos on a Premium.

We are also happy to help you upload them in a pinch, just contact our customer service!