Understand MHVillage Lead Types To Maximize Sales Efficiency

Lead Types

As a professional on MHVillage, you already know most of the benefits we offer. When it comes to advertising tools, traffic and account management, we are continuing to add new features all the time!

However, one area within your account I want to focus on today is the “Leads” section. We will do this by going through the different lead types we offer. Understanding what each lead does will help you to better utilize the service.

For professionals selling homes on the site, the most common lead you will gain through MHVillage is going to be a customer contacting you about a home.

Though, we also generate quite a few additional lead types you might want to be aware of, so you can best respond to them and manage them as you see fit.

Lead Types

MHVillage Lead Types:

(The following lead types are all included with the Pro+ Sales Center on MHVillage)

Contact Seller -This lead is generated when a customer on MHVillage comes to your home listing and then requests to contact the home seller.

Contact Community – If you have communities on MHVillage you will gain these leads when a customer is on your Community page and selects the “Contact Community” option from the listing.

Find a Broker – MHVillage not only offers tools to the sellers/professionals on our site, we also offer some great search tools for buyers and renters. One of them is the option to request contact from a professional seller in their area.

The “Find A Broker” lead is generated via a buyer/renter requesting you to contact them. They are typically looking for assistance from a professional to find their next home. When a customer requests this we also only send this to three professionals in that area at a time, on a rotating basis. This also keeps the quality of the lead high.

FSBO – This lead type is a “For Sale By Owner” lead. This is an individual on MHVillage who has listed their home and is within your market area. This lead is specifically helpful for real estate agents who might want to make contact and offer their services. You might also be interested if you are a professional who is looking to purchase homes for re-sale.

MHLX – The MHLX is a lead that will include a listing from the MHVillage Listing Exchange. Similar to the MLS, home sellers on our site are able to include their home and their terms in this exchange. We send the listing and terms to professionals in the area. This is great lead if you are interested in assisting another home seller with their sale for a commission.

MHVillage Lead Management

Depending on the type of professional you are, you may want to opt out of some of the above leads. We have a section within your account where you can adjust these settings.

Simply select the “Lead Options” tab from the page where your leads are located within your account. This will give you several options to work with:

Lead Types

If you have any additional questions about the different lead type MHVillage offers, please contact us!