New MHVillage Feature: MHVfastLead

MHV Fast Lead

MHVfastLead Improves Response Time

We all know response time is crucial when it comes to sales. We also know that home sales, specifically, require customers be responded to in the most efficient and timely manner. Which is why we have developed the MHVfastLead.

This features allows you to receive a text notification from MHVillage, every time we email you a lead on your listings.

What is the importance of responding quickly to a lead?

“Salespeople have 100 times greater chance of making a successful contact with a lead within five minutes of an inquiry, as opposed to 30 minutes.”
-Dr. James Oldroyd who published a “Lead Response Management Study” via “Inside Sales” (check out this article from All Business for more details)

How can the MHVfastLead improve my response time?

One of the benefits of online marketing is its immediate gratification factor. This means consumers are used to shopping, making contact and hopefully receiving a response in record time.
While this is great for the consumers, this can prove to be difficult for home sellers. We recognize the difficulty of responding to customers while working in the field or giving a tour of a home. This feature is an efficient way to be be notified of a lead, so you can respond to them as quickly as possible.

The MHVfastLead also is customizable!

 While we understand notifications are helpful, you may only want to receive those during your designated business hours.
With this in mind we give you the tools to set days and times that you will receive the text notifications.
On the days and times you are not receiving the notifications to your phone, you will continue to receive those leads via email, just without the text notification.

How can I try this feature?

Start by logging into your account and from your account page select he “Update Your Account Information” option. Below your account information you will see the date/time options and checkbox to start receiving the MHVfastLead text notifications.
If you have any questions about this features please contact our customer service!
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Ellie Walker is the Customer Experience Manager with MHVillage and works in project marketing, account development and customer service in addition to operating as one of the leading project managers. Having been with the website since 2010 she works on developing new marketing concepts, social media management and on-boarding for new clients. Her background in marketing and advertising varies when it comes to online content, everything from website and user interface design to social media management. Her experience with MHVillage also gives her an edge when it comes to marketing homes, companies and communities online to keep with the competitive and ever changing climate of our industry and consumer interaction.