HUD’s MHCC Meeting June 10, To Hear Public Comments

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The Manufactured Housings Consensus Committee will meet June 10 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, and will take input from the public on its agenda and discussion.

MHCC is a statutory Federal Advisory Committee that makes recommendations to the HUD secretary on the revision and interpretation of the manufactured home construction and safety standards as well as related procedural and enforcement regulations. The committee also is charged with developing proposed model installation standards for the manufactured housing industry. By regulation, HUD has included the MHCC in the process of revising the Manufactured Home Model Installation Standards, Installation Program Regulations, and Dispute Resolution Program regulations.

Members of the public who wish to ask a question or comment on the MHCC agenda must register in advance. The comment period for the coming meeting closed June 3. Questions and comments may be submitted for future MHCC meetings by contacting the Administering Organization Home Innovation Research Labs.

Manufactured housing professionals and the general public can join the meeting by calling (301) 715-8592 or (646)558-8656. The public meeting also is available via Zoom.

MHCC Meeting Agenda for the June 10, 2021

I. Call to Order—MHCC Chair & Designated Federal Officer (DFO) Roll Call—AO

II. Opening Remarks—MHCC Chair & DFO


i. MHCC Members

ii. HUD Staff

iii. Guests

Administration Announcements— DFO & AO

III. Approval of draft minutes from January 7, 2021 MHCC special meeting on the Advance Notice of Public Rulemaking on Minimum Payments to the States.

IV. Public Comment Period—15 minutes

V. Report from the Technical System Subcommittee to the MHCC and Review of Current Log & Action Items

[Log 211, Log 212, Log 216, Log 219, Log 222, Log 223]

VI. Report from the Regulatory

Enforcement Subcommittee to the MHCC and Review of Current Log & Action Items

[Log 195, Log 209, Log 214, Log 218, DRC 4]

VII. Lunch from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

VIII. Report from the Structure & Design Subcommittee to the MHCC and Review of Current Log & Action Items

[Log 207, Log 208, Log 210, Log 213,Log 215, Log 217, Log 220, Log 221, Log 224]

IX. Presentation by Department of Energy regarding Manufactured Housing Energy Conservation Standards

X. Public Comment Period—15 minutes

XI. Wrap Up—DFO & AO

XII. Adjourn

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