Manufacturers Show Latest Homes in Tunica

New Vision Porch Latest Homes in Tunica
Front porch of a New Vision home, featured at The 2019 Tunica Show

Industry Professionals Tour 70 New Homes in Tunica

Throngs of manufactured housing industry professionals enjoyed the sunshine and networking as they toured homes and looked for the latest product during The 2019 Tunica Show in northwest Mississippi.

Latest Homes in Tunica New Era
From left, Mick Barker and Lynn Hoppe of New Vision Homes.

New Vision Homes is a new manufacturer run by President Mick Barker and owner Lynn Hoppe, who came to the home building side from the retail side.

The company has been making homes for a little more than a year.

New Homes In Tunica Spurred on by Need for Oil Field Workers

“I’ve been selling workforce housing for the oil fields, and I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I decided to buy a retired Champion plant, and that’s when I called on Mick to come in and help me out.”

Barker is a former president of Champion Homes and worked in operations with Legacy Housing.

The company is based in Ada, Okla., and has a factory in Madill, Okla., where they’re turning out three floors a day of workforce housing , valued in total at about $100,000. A second facility, located in Breckenridge, Texas, also is churning out about $100,000 worth of product each day. However, that plant is making a single floor per day.

New Vision Homes on the Lookout for Third Plant

New Vision also is looking for a third facility, perhaps another in Texas or in the southeast.

“We had a really good reception to the product,” Barker said. “We have two-by-four exterior and interior walls, which is something that’s much more common among site-built homes. That’s a standard feature, for us. Our customers really are asking for that.”

New Vision Homes also have:
  • OSB siding or vinyl siding with OSB underlay
  • Shingle roofs
  • Wood cabinet doors
  • Thermal pane windows
  • Insulated duct work
  • Upgraded kitchen sink and faucet

The Latest Trends Among New Show Homes in Tunica

Cavalier Home Builders, a Clayton Homes brand, brought out an 1,800-square-foot home that incorporates many of its more popular farmhouse features in a larger home.

Latest Homes in Tunica Cavalier Home Glass Wall
Window wall foyer in a new Cavalier home.

“The window wall in the entry is one of those features that customers really love,” Gary Hollingsworth, general manager for Cavalier. “It provides a distinct foyer. You don’t walk directly into the living space. But with the glass, it’s done in a way that doesn’t close off the space.”

Hollingsworth said the lighter colors, large windows, shiplap wood board, barn doors and farmhouse sink are new for Cavalier.

“We’ve traditionally been in more neutral tones, so it’s a change for us and one that is getting some good attention.”

The Latest Homes in Tunica The Laney Clayton
The Laney from Clayton Homes.

About the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show

2019 Tunica Show provides the opportunity to network with more than 2,100 manufactured housing industry professionals from across the country. Professionals attending The Tunica Show represent every part of the industry nationwide. However, Tunica provides a particular emphasis on connecting attendees with professional builders and retailers who operate in southeast.

The Tunica Show is held at the Hollywood Hotel and Resorts Casino. It draws industry professionals representing 500 companies. Additionally, the show attracts manufactured home community owners and managers, retailers, suppliers and builder/developers, the Tunica Show is the most significant trade event in the region.

Representatives from 24 manufacturers have made themselves available to answer questions about their homes in Tunica. They are joined by industry professionals who work in manufactured home transport and installation, building materials, financing and professional services.

Retailers and other home buyers shop The Lulamae and other homes at The Tunica Show.

Retailers Find What They Want with Latest Homes in Tunica

Kevin Satterthwaite operates Pine Ridge Homes in Vandalia, Ill.

“We deal mostly in modular, but we come to Tunica to check in with Deer Valley and to keep up on what’s happening with HUD code homes, too. We dabble in HUD code a bit, and there is enough cross over with modular that it makes it worth our while.”

Natalie Wiley runs Wiley Home Center in Sandersville, Ga. In addition, she owns and operates three small communities in Georgia. Wiley was at The Tunica Show to look for a high-end product and a middle offering for her home center.

“I think I found what I’m looking for,” she said. “I was impressed with Champion, and the Deer Valley homes are really pretty. Southern Energy has a really good midline product.

“I’m a Destiny dealer, so that’s my focus. But I’m here to look at homes and figure out how to fill out of the offering,” she said. “This seems like the year of the largest possible shower and upgraded kitchen. There are some really beautiful features in these homes.”

Platinum Homes Latest Homes in Tunica
A new home from Platinum Home Builders.

A Day of Spring Sunshine for Looking at the Latest Homes in Tunica

Todd Evans of Platinum Homes said traffic at the show has been great and the new models have been well received.

“The sun is out and everyone’s in a good mood,” he said. “That certainly makes it easier for people to get out and look at homes.