Manufactured Housing Production Facts and Figures

Manufactured Housing Production data

Interesting Facts About Manufactured Housing Production

The manufactured housing industry produced 96,540 homes in 2018. That production comes from 34 corporations running 129 facilities throughout the United States.

Manufactured housing production increased by more than 49% from 2014 through 2018, according to the Manufactured Housing Institute.

Who Are The Top 10 Manufacturers in the Industry?

Manufacturer                                         Market Share

2018 Market Leaders by Share
Clayton Homes Inc. 50.15%
Skyline Champion Corp. 15.32%
Cavco Industries 13.18%
American Home Star 2.51%
Legacy Homes 2.20%
Adventure Homes 1.85%
Live Oak Homes 1.81%
Elliot MH MFG 1.66%
Jacobson Mobile Home 1.15%
Kabco 1.11%

Top 10 Manufactured Home Retail Markets

Market Area                                          Sales Activity Year-over-Year

2018 Top 10 Markets Sales Activity
Houston 12.30%
Detroit -19.72%
Dallas-Fort Worth -4.55
Austin 0.22%
San Antonio -9.03%
Los Angeles 41.13%
Birmingham, Ala. 6.81%
Beaumonte-Port Arthur, Texas 65.02%
Phoenix -4.32%
Jacksonville, Fla. 24.28

The Big Three Manufacturers

Clayton, Skyline Champion and Cavco — often referred to in the industry as the Big 3 — possess a combined market share of nearly 80%.

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– Manufactured housing production facts and figures provided to MHInsider by industry partners Manufactured Housing Institute and Statistical Surveys.