Make Your Home Listings Stand Out with Caption Lines

Captions Lines

Today we are going to highlight a special feature on MHVillage home listings. In fact, the importance of this feature is sometimes overlooked. Today we will discuss Caption Lines. We’ve written about them before, and once again wanted to point out this marketing tool.

Caption Lines are one extra line of text that appears in the search results on Featured or Premium MHVillage listings. This line of text appears in the search results, along with the thumbnail photo and basic information about a home. Of course, you have the Description section of a listing for details about the home. Caption Lines are just a snippet of text, designed to grab the buyer’s attention and encourage them to read more.

Home listing with a caption line

The Caption Line is the text in red, “GREAT LOCATION ACROSS FROM THE CLUBHOUSE.” Every Featured or Premium listing will let you add this custom text. It is important to realize that this text can be a powerful tool. This is your opportunity to specifically highlight something about the home that would catch a buyer’s attention.

Here are some additional examples of Caption Lines:

Manufactured Home listings with caption lines

Notice that the first and second home listings have Caption Lines, while the third does not. The first two expressly point out information to the buyer. In one case, the home seller is letting the potential buyer know this home is furnished. (That could be a special draw to vacationers, for example.) The second home listing makes sure to highlight the lower price and the location of the home. In other words, these two listings are calling out important information.

On the contrary, the third home listings is missing a Caption Line. Even though it is an option with their marketing package, they chose not to use it. We would consider this a missed marketing opportunity.

How to Write Great Caption Lines

The first thing to remember is that facts are not important with this tag line – you want EMOTION. Look at the following three ideas:

  1. Pristine view of Mt. Rainier
  2. Waterfront property with excellent bass fishing
  3. Remodeled kitchen with top-quality cabinets

Each caption sparks interest and invites the home buyer to learn more.

As example of a great caption line

As can be seen, Caption Lines are a fantastic sales tool. From time to time, however, we occasionally see sellers duplicate the home information in their Caption Line. Here is an example:

A bad example of a caption line

The Caption Line simply states the name of community – as you can see, that is already on the home listing. A better use of this space would be to highlight something specific in order to encourage a buyer to click on the listing and learn more.

Caption line example from MHVIllage

As shown above, a properly written Caption Line can be a powerful tool.

Please note that URLs, (i.e. website addresses,) email addresses, and phone numbers are NOT allowed in the listing caption, and will be removed. (There are other fields available for you to enter this information.)

In short, when listing your manufactured and mobile homes on MHVillage, you need to be using this feature. Questions? Contact the Customer Service Team – we are here to help!