HUD Withdraws Regulatory Inspection for Carport Ready Homes

carport ready homes

Regulatory Action Overturned Following 2-year Review

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has rescinded a regulatory obligation for carport ready homes. The HUD directive necessitated an added round of inspection for any carport ready home.

The 2017 ruling had an adverse effect on the production and sales of carport ready homes. It added time and cost for inspection and approval.

MHI Worked on Rescinding Letters for Carport Ready Homes

Carport ready homes“MHI has been advocating for HUD to rescind HUD’s 2017 carport letters since they were first issued, arguing that they are contradictory to statute and current regulations and create an unnecessary and time-consuming hurdle to the production of carport-ready homes,” the Manufactured Housing Institute states in response to the May 20 revision.

“The requirement that carport-ready home designs go through the AC (alternative construction) approval process negatively impacted the availability of this feature, which is an extremely popular and sought-after amenity for many consumers,” MHI added.

The Office of Manufactured Housing Programs in the summer of 2017 issued letters to Design Approval Primary Inspection Agencies (DAPIAs) advising that a carport meets the definition of “add-on”. Therefore, carport ready homes should receive approval on design and construction according to the process for “Alternative Construction” (AC) of manufactured homes.

HUD’s Position on Carports, Other Additions

HUD is the primary federal regulatory body for manufactured housing. It uses such requirements to ensure manufactured homes remain within the code for health and safety provisions after substantive changes to the design or construction of a home.

The department’s Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee reviewed the need for carport ready homes and other add ons to be regulated. The two-year review included consideration of MHI input, as well as public comments and testimony from other industry professionals.

“Considering feedback that the department received from the public and the MHCC and the forthcoming regulatory revisions concerning ‘accessory buildings or structures,’ HUD is taking deregulatory action and is rescinding the 2017 carport letters,” HUD said in its announcement. “Although the 2017 carport letters are being rescinded, manufacturers remain obligated to comply with HUD’s existing regulations.

“Moreover, manufacturers should remain cognizant of how a home’s performance and safety may be affected when designing and manufacturing homes for homebuyers who intend to add carports to their homes,” the statement said.