Four Leaf Companies Introduces Patented Tech Plugins to MH Community Owners

Four Leaf Companies

Four Leaf Companies’ ‘Tech Guys’ Turn to MH Community Ownership

The former owners of The Opus Group are bringing their analytics and tech know-how to the MH industry. Mike Callaghan and Kevin Shaughnessy’s business, Four Leaf Companies in Oak Brook, is offering its two patented tech plugins to MH community owners nationwide.

Yes. They are sharing their secret sauce.

Why? Callaghan and Shaughnessy don’t want to be the only modern tech players in the industry. And they know how data and data analytics can make the entire MH industry more sophisticated.

“Manufactured housing construction is top notch now,” says Callaghan. “Buying and selling these homes needs to be, too.”

The Third Party and New Home platforms are the first digital platforms of their kind in the MH community industry. Each is scalable for either property owners or bankers/brokers/investors and focused on growth and success. These tech services bring about more sales, fill empty lots, and increase property values for both owners and investors.

Let’s take a look at each platform in detail.

Four Leaf Companies

Third Party Property Management

The Third Party Property Management platform is designed to help MH communities grow the property value creatively, efficiently and quickly. Some property management services do just enough to keep the lights on. They may focus solely on core services, such as rent collection and basic reporting. Four Leaf Companies’ Third Party Management provides growth strategies for the changing, post-crash market.

Four Leaf’s “secret sauce” is the Four Levers of Growth, which drive success for new ventures and declining assets alike:

  1. Grow Asset Value – Expert ways to grow future selling prices
  2. Reduce Expenses – No-pain ways to grow income by reducing expenses
  3. Generate Revenue – Creative ways to generate revenue
  4. Bring in New Homes – Profitable ways to finance and bring in a New Homes program

Community owners and managers who work with the Third Party program have access to an array of Four Leaf management services, including:

Funding Sources and Financing

Enjoy financing solution expertise on cash outlay, rates, fees, sales vs. rental and more, all in the name of bringing in new spec homes and extending loans to future buyers. Four Leaf also has an online platform where residents can take care of certain aspects of applying, processing and closing.

Digital and Traditional Marketing Plans

Get a customized marketing plan that uses online advertising, local outreach, social media, email, referral programs and virtual tours to reach the target audience.   

Ongoing Staff Training and IT Support

From applied training modules to critical digital support, Four Leaf provides teams with the information and assistance they need along the way.   

New Home Maintenance and Home Rehab

New homes are subject to a 28-point checklist that gets them market ready, while rehab projects are professionally managed with a focus on profitability.

Management and Daily Task Guidance

Four Leaf managers care about communities and their operators and strive to facilitate a deeper understanding of how to connect the right customers, homes and prices. Four Leaf also guides and measures daily tasks such as marketing, sales, operations and financing.

Resident Relations and Regulatory Compliance

To keep communities happy and healthy, Four Leaf promotes a customer-centered culture focused on safety, security, town hall meetings, communication tools and event planning. Further, managers ensure that all regulations are followed.

The Third Party Property Management program also encompasses the second platform, New Homes, which we’ll explore next.

four leaf companies
The Clayton Fusion Collection kitchen area.


New Homes Program

The New Homes Program is designed to help MH community owners bring in new homes quickly and profitably while also reducing risk. This platform works at any scale, whether owners need to replace 10 homes or infill 250 lots.

So, that “secret sauce” of the New Homes program is turning the traditionally low-tech process of buying a manufactured home into something fit for the 21st century. The FLOhome proprietary digital platform is how community owners make a splash when it comes to marketing and sales and show future residents that they’re able to deliver essential services online.

Community owners working with the New Homes Program will enjoy many of the same services of the Third Party Property Management program, including:

New Homes Plan

Get assistance in selecting model homes and their floor plans, upgrades and pricing, and ordering advice based on cash flow needs and market conditions.    


Four Leaf trains teams on message delivery and effective sales approaches for phone conversations, in-person tours, financing discussions and ongoing communication. This includes a 10-point home tour approach and using the FLOhome digital platform for capturing sales data.

Management Insights and Reports

Stay on top of leads with tracking from multiple sources, ongoing marketing communication and summary reporting.

About Four Leaf Properties

Four Leaf Companies is a national owner and portfolio operator of manufactured housing communities with a 7,000+ site portfolio. Founders Michael Callaghan and Kevin Shaughnessy are committed to making manufactured housing the affordable home ownership solution for long-term renters, and they use their background in data analytics to do just that. Four Leaf is among the top manufactured home community operators in the U.S. And it is a Clayton Homes NPS Resident Experience award winner.

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