Title Company Provides Drive-Thru Closing for Covid-19 Measures

drive-thru closing teller window blaine minnesota
Legacy Title in Blaine, Minn., offers drive-thru closings for homebuyers and real estate transactions.

During Busy Time for Homebuying, Legacy Title Clients Use Curbside, Drive-thru Closing

Legacy Title, a full-service title insurance and real estate closing company is using a safe and unconventional way to close real estate transactions during the coronavirus outbreak.

On the heels of Governor Tim Walz ordering Minnesotans to stay at home until April 10, except for essential duties, the advent of a drive-thru service at Legacy Title’s Blaine location is being met with open arms and even accolades from competitors.

Connie Clancy, president of Legacy Title, said the idea came out of necessity.

“We recognized immediately that this situation would cause a shift in the traditional way of doing closings and began implementing changes,” Clancy said. “We started with separating parties into different closing rooms, offering curbside service and then saw the opportunity to offer the drive-thru option and acted quickly to make it happen for our customers.”

Since commencing this innovative service customers have sung its praises.

“They are relieved and appreciate the ability to close safely from their car,” said Executive Closer Carmen Jorgensen.

“We began offering drive-thru service on March 23. We have had several closings in this drive-thru already and have it booked for the next several days,” Jorgensen said.


Busy Time for Residential, Real Estate Transactions

Drive-thru closing car at teller windowClancy said that the industry is in the midst of its strongest March ever with the recent drop in interest rates.

Clients who are refinancing or purchasing a manufactured home depend on the ability to close on a transaction while the rates remain favorable. Many of these pending refinances will allow consumers to potentially save hundreds of dollars per month in mortgage payments, which is very valuable especially now.

“All of our 12 locations have curbside closing services available, but this drive-thru concept is unique,” she said. “We are taking many precautions to ensure we are always keeping a safe distance and using best practices to ensure everyone remains healthy and safe.”


Safe, Convenient Closings

While closings usually are very close gatherings with all parties around a table, this new and necessary concept allows for the same transaction to be completed without putting clients and Legacy Title employees in potentially harmful situations.

“Some of our clients need to have their children with them because school is closed. Doing this in the drive-thru ensures we are adhering to the social distancing orders all of us have been given,” Jorgensen said. “A few clients told us they were considering canceling their closing for safety reasons until they found out about this convenient option.”

Clancy recognizes in the present constant state of change that teamwork and collaboration are critical.

“Is this the new normal? Probably not. But it is the right thing to do right now,” she said “Closings are usually celebrations. But even in difficult situations, essential business like this must happen. Whether someone is buying, selling or refinancing we recognize the importance of their investment and want to continue to make this experience as positive as possible for all involved.”