COVID-19 Best Practices for Community Pools

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Equity LifeStyles residents at an Arizona resort community hit the pool. Photo courtesy of Equity LIfeStyle Properties.

Manufactured home community pools are opening across the country. National guidance and state and local mandates have been put in place on the best COVID-19 practices for community pools.

Community owners and managers who are building a protocol for how to open community swimming pools in a way that is safe during the continued measures to prevent COVID-19 have a lot of resources. What follows is a general summary of COVID-19 best practices for swimming pools in manufactured home communities.

The following list should be taken as guidance only, as are all of the national measures issued for swimming pools and aquatic centers by the Center for Disease Control. Opening a community swimming pool should be done under the rules of the local governing body.

Summer COVID Best Practices for Community Pools

  • Limit occupancy at the pool
  • Ask residents to plan to a one-hour visit at the pool as to give as much access as possible while at partial occupancy
  • Post the county/local COVID-19 health department warnings
  • Encourage residents to remain outside, to wear a mask, and to refrain from inviting guests
  • Use a no-touch forehead thermometer to check body temperatures on entry
  • Have residents sign in and sign a release
  • Arrange pool and outdoor clubhouse furniture both in number and configuration to limit group size and to create a safe distance between individuals and small groups
  • Eliminate bar seating
  • Create stands for hand sanitizer/disinfecting wipes
  • Have a written, posted, and known schedule for how and when to disinfect all surfaces including railings, platforms, benches, stools, and chairs
  • Use designated staff for COVID-19 measures to avoid interfering with employees trained for general pool safety
Examples of State, Local Guidance on Opening Community Swimming Pools

The state of Florida has issued guidance for re-opening swimming pools, and the governor of Arizona issued a statement on how to safely open pools while guarding against the spread of the coronavirus.

covid 19 best practices for community pools
Sample Sign from County Health. Not for use.

Local, county, or state departments of health for any location should provide postable signs to inform residents of risks and regulations in regard to spending time at the community pool.

Maria Horton is the director of marketing and a regional manager for Newport Pacific, which provides management services for manufactured home communities. She said opening community pools will provide a way for residents to get outside and enjoy community amenities.

“We recently received information from the Orange County Health Agency on how to open community swimming pools, and it’s something we’re doing with safety as the first order of business, knowing that creating a safe and relaxing environment will be of great benefit to community residents during this time.”

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