Community Investment, Acquisition (and the future)

What are Mobile Home Park Investors Doing Today?

You’ve heard the term “Investment Grade Property”. That label increasingly is being applied to entities in the manufactured housing sector.

Community Investment
In our new series on community investment in today’s market, MHVillage will shed some light on the dynamics at play in conducting due diligence on a property.

A general surge in employment, rising home prices – particularly in sizable metro areas – and the largest demographic of aging Americans are all playing into the demand for affordable housing. This has professionals involved in mobile home park investing eyeing a wide range of manufactured housing options. From massive trusts to the niche investor, mobile home parks and manufactured home communities have become the apple of the eye for many.

Community Investment

Manufactured housing real estate investment trusts in the U.S. during 2016 posted a return of 28.5 percent, 9.7 percent better than apartment REITs and more than 15 points better than single-family home REITs during the same period.



Community Investment
New and experienced investors alike have questions about what the market is doing. MHVillage is in conversation with dozens of sources to find answers.

Classes of Mobile Home Park Investment – Where Do You Fit?

So, what characteristics play into the manufactured housing property being considered a good investment, and what alternative strategies exist beyond the current checklist?

As the market heats up, MHInsider has been asking these very questions. And, answers we have found!

In the coming weeks, we’ll hear from the giants in the industry who have purchased all they can manage during recent years, and today have entered somewhat of a standoff with the dwindling number of remaining independent owners of those investment-grade properties.

We will hear from mid-size groups that have hopped from apartment purchases, with their shrinking margins, and look to buy smaller manufactured home communities that can be upgraded.

And we’ll hear from the niche investor, from groups that buy and regionalize “micro-parks” to the individual investor who may be purchasing $3,000 mobile homes one-to-three units at a time.

What works, what doesn’t, and how are habits changing?

Stay tuned!