Check Your Stats Any Time on MHVillage


Let us help you find ways to better advertise your home

Monitoring your leads and other vital information is the perfect way to ensure you advertise your home, company or community at the level that will provide the most exposure to our consumers.

Within your account we offer a few different ways for you to see how your ads are performing on our site.

If you are a professional, you can log into your account and from your account page, select the “Account Statistics” option for the overview of all of your stats, and then break them down by advertisement type (Listings, Sales Center, Community). Our goal is to provide maximum control over how you advertise your home.

Both professionals and individuals can see the statistics for a specific home in their account by choosing the “Edit Listing” or the “View/Change Listing” option from the account page. To the right of the home of interest, click the “Statistics” option.

When looking at the graph, it’s important to note the Views and the Searches.

The view count will tell you how many page views your ad received. The search count will tell you how many searches your ad appeared in. By reviewing both, you can get a feel for how effective you are in the manner you’ve chosen to advertise your home. Also look at how many consumers in your area are searching, and then how many of them chose your ad.

It’s also important to note that when we count your page views we do not count when you are looking at your ads and we also only count each customer one time per day.

Thank you for using MHVillage, if you have any additional questions please let us know!