Advertising Your Company on MHVillage

Advertising Your Company on MHV

Advertising Your Company on MHVMHVillage continues to be known as the #1 website for advertising your manufactured homes for sale or rent

Are you familiar with all of the tools we offer for advertising your company on MHVillage?

Advertising your company on MHVillage only takes a few minutes to set up but it packs quite the punch! The Sales Center is a great tool when it comes to managing and branding your company on our site.

Advertising your company on our site will not only raise the online profile of your company and services, it also will give your homes and inventory a complete landing page for your customers.

If you are already listing homes on the site then you are most likely advertising as a MonthlyPro or a MonthlyPro+. Here is a breakdown of the difference in these two Sales Center options:


When advertising your company on MHVillage as a MonthlyPro you can expect the following features to be included in your Sales Center Page:Advertising Your Company on MHV

  • Company name, address, phone, and email
  • A full company description
  • Your Sales Center Page included in the search results for a Retailer/Dealer in your area
  • A customizable link to your Sales Center Page



When advertising your company on MHVillage as a MonthlyPro+ you receive all of the benefits of a MonthlyPro plus the following:Advertising Your Company on MHV

  • Two Company Logos on your Sales Center Page
  • A bigger and bolder appearance for your Sales Center in a search result
  • Your Sales Center Page shows on the first page of a Retailer/Dealer search in your area
  • A link to your company website included on your Sales Center Page
  • Additional Sales Leads (FSBO Leads and Ideal Home Leads)

Both of these sales center options include the ability to list an unlimited number of home listings. The difference is between including the basic information about your company or upgrading to the Pro+ to enhance that company page and better represent your company.

Not sure if you are ready for the Pro+ Sales Center option?

With MHVillage you can upgrade and downgrade your sales center at ANY time, only ever paying for the service used! This way you can try the upgraded version, take a look at your statistics and your leads and see which option would be best suited for your company type.

If you are new to MHVillage click this link for current prices and details. If you have been with us for a bit, and would like more information, our staff offers complete account reviews! Call or email us to set up a time!


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Ellie Walker is the Customer Experience Manager with MHVillage and works in project marketing, account development and customer service in addition to operating as one of the leading project managers. Having been with the website since 2010 she works on developing new marketing concepts, social media management and on-boarding for new clients. Her background in marketing and advertising varies when it comes to online content, everything from website and user interface design to social media management. Her experience with MHVillage also gives her an edge when it comes to marketing homes, companies and communities online to keep with the competitive and ever changing climate of our industry and consumer interaction.