Winter Sales – Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

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winter blue spruceWhile it is common for people to list their homes in the Spring, that’s not always possible for everyone. Sometimes you need to get that home on the market a little sooner. We’ve written articles about staging your home, but if you are in one of our states that experiences winter weather, here are some tips for listing your home when the snow is flying:

Photos, Photos, Photos:

Even if the leaves have fallen and the ground is covered with snow, home buyers still want to see those photos – the more the better. And, now might be the time to focus on the interior features of your home (especially if you have a fireplace!) However, make sure you get some clear photos of the exterior too. Look for sunny days, if possible. Try to focus on getting as much of the home in the photo as possible – with a minimum of road or sky in the photo.

Winter Curb Appeal:

winter mobile home for saleEven when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, curb appeal is still important. Make sure debris from fall is cleared up. Summer toys and yard equipment should be tucked away and tidied up.

Keep the path to the door freshly shoveled – not only does it look nice, but you don’t want potential buyers slipping on ice! Speaking of which, if the plow fills your driveway regularly, do your best to keep that clear. Getting stuck at the front of the drive rarely makes a good impression.

If you have a deck or other outdoor structure, keep that snow-free as well. People will want to walk out on your deck (and wood can be particularly slippery.) Keep the area in front of the shed or carport shoveled out. Buyers will want to check them out.

Cozy and Warm:

mobile home for sale in MichiganWhen it is dark and cold outside, you want it warm and cozy inside. Turn on all the lights and consider turning the temperature up a bit if you tend to be frugal with the heat. Make your home as welcoming as possible. Speaking of which, keep an eye on your entryway. Snow and salt can accumulate on floors around entrance ways leaving floors and carpets looking dirty.

You might want to experiment with different light bulbs and see what works best in your home. Bright CFL or LED bulbs can add an abundance of light. Traditional incandescent lights tend to look warm and soft. See what looks best with your home’s color scheme.

However, be careful with scents. Many of us love holiday candles and air fresheners. But other people have allergies or aversions to strong aromas. Go light on the nose when you are showing your home to a potential buyer.

One other indoor tip that is good all year round – make that home sparkle! Wash windows, faucets, light switches and mirrors. Everyone wants to move into a clean home, but especially in the winter; the more sparkle the better. There are a couple things you might not think about – check the corners for cobwebs that were built in the fall. Also, clean blades of your ceiling fans. If they’ve gotten hard use in the warmer months, they can look pretty furry come winter time.selling a mobile home in the winter

Home Maintenance:

One tip that can be particularly useful in the winter is to check your doors and windows for leaks. You don’t want buyers feeling a cold draft! New seals and insulation are usually pretty reasonably priced, and can really help.

More Help from MHVillage:

When it is time to sell your home, MHVillage can help. Make sure you order the Free Seller’s Kit. Then check out the website for how to list your home.