What do Buyers Care Most About in a Manufactured Home?

What buyers want most in a manufactured home

Manufactured and mobile homes have become a very popular solution for new home buyers with the real estate markets of today – and why wouldn’t they. Modern manufactured homes are becoming increasingly luxurious while remaining very practical in terms of affordability.

A recent analysis found that mobile home searches surged by 50% in 23 states. Two things are for certain – the demand is growing for these homes and they aren’t just for seniors anymore.

They are being designed with a far wider market in mind as younger and younger buyers seek solutions to the affordable housing crisis.

This of course begs the question, aside from affordability, what is it that buyers want most in a manufactured home?

It’s what’s inside that counts

From a seller’s perspective, when it comes to understanding what people really look for in a manufactured home, it’s the interior that is going to require the most attention. A buyer needs to fall in love with the space they will be interacting with most, and that often means wowing them with a stunning kitchen and dining area.

Without overlooking the rest of the interior it’s well known that laminate wooden floor patterns and beautiful cabinets have the potential to really make a manufactured home interior pop, and woo potential buyers into pulling the trigger on your home.

Let’s get into the details of what has been attracting buyers to manufactured homes lately.

Kitchen considerations

Buyers of manufactured homes, without question, are looking for a fantastic kitchen. This is where the magic happens, so to speak. People spend a lot of time there, and when it comes to manufactured homes, it’s no different.

As such, more and more attention is being paid to the kitchen in the mobile home, and contemporary designs are what many home shoppers are looking for. Adding or upgrading to features such as stone countertops, beautiful wooden cabinets, and modern appliances is a great way to make a strong impression.

Manufactured homes are being created to provide a sense of luxury, and decadence along with functionality. With plenty of big cupboards offering all kinds of storage and extremely efficient floorplans, you can wow potential buyers by focusing on these lavish kitchen areas.

Keeping these spaces appealing while maximizing their practicality has been an ongoing trend in manufactured homes and is the best bet for buyer valuation. Manufactured home buyers want a beautiful space that they can really use.

Popular kitchen features

• Stone Countertops
• Wooden cabinetry
• Stainless appliances
• Recessed Lighting
• Island

Modern Mobile Homes bathroom
Photo captured at the 2020 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show.

Exceptional bathrooms with luxurious amenities

Lately, builders have been putting additional effort into creating mini-spas out of the bathrooms in manufactured homes. Think less about what comes to mind when you hear the phrase mobile home bathroom, and think more along the lines of a full-on spa design.

Some recent manufactured home designs have started incorporating his and hers bathroom sinks, standing showers, and bathtubs like the Avalanche Model from Champion Homes. The manufacturers have put an incredible amount of thought and attention to detail into making these bathrooms into bright, spacious places that one feels inclined to spend time in.

In order to appeal to home buyers, we are keeping with the same theme as the kitchens: attractive, and useful. It may seem obvious but overly flashy spaces aren’t going to attract many buyers if they aren’t functional as well.

Popular bathroom features

• His and her sinks
• Stone tiling
• Bright Spaces
• Beautiful faucets

3 bedroom mobile home farmhouse style bedroom

Bedroom havens

Builders and manufacturers have also been studying the buyer to find that the bedroom must provide a comfortable retreat. Modern mobile homes are required to meet all the needs of the buyer and that means providing a comfortable sleeping space with beautiful features.

Buyers want to know that they will have enough space for storing their clothes and that they can comfortably get dressed in the space. Even manufacturers of smaller mobile homes have been making sure they pack features into the bedroom.

Counterintuitive considerations for buyers of manufactured homes

Having covered the whole home and all of the amenities it offers, it becomes apparent why kitchens come in at the highest level of buyer consideration, and it makes sense. Kitchens are often the main space that provides that valuable first impression to the buyer and their family.

Kitchens are where people spend their most social time together in the home, eating drinking cooking, and living. The kitchen space is where the residents and their guests come together, so why shouldn’t it be a stunning space?

It is both interesting and slightly unexpected to note that buyers are most interested in the least intimate space which tells you that mobile home buyers, like most people are concerned about where they spend time with others.

Hopefully, armed with this useful information, the next time you are getting ready to list or stage your home – you will know exactly where to focus.

Happy selling.

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