What Makes a Great Retirement Community?

Manufactured home communities – also known as mobile home parks – make for some of the most ideal retirement locations in the country. They offer great amenities, scenic views, security for their residents, and many are even geared for residents that are of retirement age. 

When researching mobile home communities to settle down into for the laid-back retirement lifestyle, it’s important to keep several considerations in mind when it comes to community living. Besides the usual criteria – those scenic views and amenities that we mentioned – there are also some lesser-discussed qualities that can make a big difference during your community search. 

The Basics of a Community Search  

Above all else, a community or park should be equipped with the right amenities for any retiree. This includes clubhouses for lounging and relaxation, dog parks, pools for the summer weather, and sports facilities such as tennis and shuffleboard courts for physically active community dwellers. While a community may not have all of these amenities, or may even have more besides just those four, it’s important to gauge which ones are most valuable to you when looking for your retirement community. 

With any home, but especially for those in communities or parks, you also want to ensure that homes are available for sale in the right size for you. For instance, if you require a triple-wide mobile home, double-check that your community of interest has triple-wide lots available. Another important factor to consider is the level of security that comes with a community. If this is a primary concern, look for communities that tout gated entry or private grounds. 

Finally, while this might be one of the more obvious things to look for, many communities are age-restricted. This is a desirable option for many retirees as they usually offer a quieter lifestyle compared to all-ages communities. If this is something you’re interested in for your retirement home, make sure you filter your home search accordingly.

The Not-So-Usual Things to Look For 

All of the above qualities can be an imperative for your retirement home search to make sure you connect with the right community. However, they aren’t the only qualities you should look for when searching for a place to live.  

Firstly – affordability. Many mobile home communities will often have some kind of site fee or lot rent that covers the amenities and other services that the park will offer. This will vary based on community, but this information may sometimes be listed online – either on a community’s MHVillage listing or their own website. 

There’s also the question of convenience. That is, will your community of interest be located near neighborhood fixtures that you love? This can include local shopping districts, entertainment centers, or your favorite restaurants. Finding the ideal community that’s nearby what you love can be a key component of your community search that often goes forgotten. 

If you’re making a move out of state, it’s also important to consider whether your new community provides enough relaxation for your new retired lifestyle. The best way to measure this is looking at a combination of the community’s amenities, local tourism fixtures, and whether the community is age-restricted. In this aspect, not all communities are equal – some near popular vacation spots may be more bustling and lively than others, making for a higher-traffic community along with the area surrounding it. 

At the end of the day, looking for the perfect mobile home community or park for your retirement lifestyle all comes down to one X-factor: will it meet the quality-of-life needs of you and your loved ones? You should never make compromises when it comes to your wants and needs during the home buying process, and that goes double for looking for the perfect mobile home in the perfect community. The right community for you will meet your needs as we’ve laid them out in this article, and with the right combination you’ll find the community that’s the perfect fit for your new retirement lifestyle. 

I’m Interested in Buying a Home in a Community – What’s Next? 

If you’re interested in shopping for mobile homes located within a manufactured home community or mobile home park, look no further than MHVillage. The leading website for buying and selling manufactured homes with over 25 million views annually, MHVillage lets potential home buyers filter their search by homes located in communities and parks, in addition to other criteria such as city and state, 55+ communities, and more. Simply click on the “Parks” tab on the homepage to start your search. 

And, be sure to read up on everything else there is to know about manufactured home community living, from the financial work involved in buying a home in a mobile home park to the most scenic states for mobile home living.

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