The 8 Best States for Year-Round Warm Weather in Retirement Communities

It’s beginning to look a lot like…winter! For many states, this means months of snowfall, which comes with early morning shoveling, icy roads, and expensive heating bills. 

Many retired homeowners split their time between living in the North in the summer, and moving to a warmer Southern state during the winter months. Some even move further South for good after they retire. 

Manufactured homes offer the best way to relocate to warmer climates – they’re affordable, they offer a highly sought-after lifestyle, and retirement communities are incredibly easy to find. 

If you’re looking for a manufactured home community to call home to escape Frosty the Snowman, these eight states have you covered. 


You probably hear more people refer to Florida as “The Sunshine State” rather than “The most popular state in the country for manufactured home community living.” But, it’s true: Florida is by far the most popular state for manufactured homes, and that includes retirement communities. 

It’s incredibly easy to see why: with year-round warm weather, endless things to do all over the state, and thousands of retirement communities to choose from, Florida is one of the first states on many people’s minds when thinking about escaping colder weather. 


Just north of Florida is Georgia, which is another highly popular state for retirement community living. 

Whether you want to live close to Atlanta or closer to the Florida border, Georgia offers warm weather year round all over the state. And, for the nature lovers, Georgia offers some of the most luscious national and state parks in the entire country. From mountains to beautiful forests, Georgia is a postcard-worthy state when it comes to natural beauty. 


If we move out west just a bit, we’ll find that Arizona ranks extremely high when it comes to the sheer number of retirement communities – just under Florida, in fact! 

Arizona, while just as warm and bright as Florida when it comes to year-round warm weather, isn’t quite as humid, which many retirees prefer. From Phoenix, to Flagstaff, to Apache Junction, you’d be hard pressed to find a retirement community in Arizona that doesn’t offer luxurious, resort-style amenities that let you bask in the sunlight. 


If you’re especially determined to find a retirement community out west to get out of the snow, give California a chance. Being one of the largest states in the United States means that you have a ton of variety when it comes to choosing a retirement community to call home. 

You can choose a community further upstate that doesn’t get quite as warm compared to Arizona or Florida, or you can settle down in the Bay Area to enjoy some sun on the beach. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the national parks, state parks, and tourist attractions all throughout the state. 


The Lone Star State is another popular one for manufactured home living. One key reason for this is because parks in Texas offer hugely popular amenities, such as swimming pools, walking trails, nature reserves, fitness centers, and even saunas. 

The nation’s largest mainland state means you have a large pool of communities to choose from, meaning you can tailor your retirement living experience to your liking in Texas. 


Alabama may not have Disney World, but it DOES have an incredibly robust retirement community network thanks to just how much there is to do. 

Year-round warm weather in Alabama means that you can explore all of the natural scenery that the state has to offer, whether it’s at Gulf State Park or the number of nature trails and lakes around the state. 

 Oh, and did we mention that Orange Beach, which is also in Alabama, offers fun for the entire family, from its waterfront park to The Wharf? 

North Carolina

For many, North Carolina is the perfect place to go to escape the cold. Its relatively moderate climate makes the state varied in its scenery. From beautiful, world-famous forests to beaches and piers along the Atlantic coast, there’s something here for all kinds of nature lovers. 

The state is also popular for manufactured home communities, with hundreds to choose from located all over the state. In fact, it’s hard to find a community that isn’t conveniently located to your favorite shopping centers or entertainment fixtures! 

South Carolina

We can’t talk about North Carolina without mentioning South Carolina. This state is one of the nation’s most popular for hiking, hunting, fishing, and swimming, and that goes for leisure-seekers of all ages. 

So if a retirement community is in your future in South Carolina, you’re in luck – there are hundreds upon hundreds to choose from, all incredibly close by to your favorite hobbies.  

No matter which state you decide to move to when getting away from the frigid winds and snowfalls, you have a number of good choices when finding the right retirement community. 

But regardless of which state you want to move to, MHVillage can help you out with finding the perfect home for you. With detailed filtering and search options, you can find your new house in a manufactured home retirement community that’s pet-friendly, or has the right number of bedrooms for you, or a home in a park that has your favorite amenities. 

So, are you ready to soak up the sun? If you are, get started with MHVillage today! 

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