Understanding Manufactured Home Insulation

Manufactured Home Insulation
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Insulation plays a vital role in keeping your mobile home comfortable, and the proper insulation around your home can save big bucks on heating bills.

Home insulation is assigned an “R” value. This value stands to the insulation’s resistance to heat traveling through it. The higher the number, the higher the insulating power.

Your home insulation is part of how your manufactured home meets HUD Code thermal zone requirements. And in the manufactured housing industry, home insulation levels are determined by final home location to ensure that your home doesn’t exceed heat transfer requirements that HUD Code has put in place.

Manufactured Home Insulation
Photo courtesy of Clayton Homes

Clayton manufactured and modular homes come with different insulation for each part of the home based on final home location. Typically, if you purchase a home with the Energy Smart Home package, the manufactured home will come with R-33 in the ceiling (R-30 for vaulted ceilings), R-22 in the floor, and R-11 in the walls. Insulation is typically higher in the ceilings and attic to prevent heat from escaping through the roof.

Changing Manufactured Home Insulation

If you would like to change out your insulation, check to see what type you already have in your walls.

Many houses have fiberglass insulation that fits in between studs. But it can differ in the roof. For instance, many manufactured homes have blown insulation in the roofing system. Make a note of this and contact a contractor for a consultation to upgrade your insulation if you want an insulation upgrade.

Buying a Home

If you are buying a home, get an inspection to make sure they take a look at the insulation around the house. Nowadays, there are many choices for insulation depending on your home, budget, and your do-it-yourself skills, if installing it yourself.

Home building, especially in manufactured housing, has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Learn more about industry changes, which include what goes into homes and what kind of features mobile homes offer!

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