Tiny House Movement

tiny house movement
High Design Tiny Home

The tiny house trend is something we see consistently across a wide range of ages and incomes.

The days, everyone has a need for micro housing options, it seems.

What makes a tiny house is interior floor space of  400 to 999 square feet.

The movement invites a younger generation to live smaller, with sleek designs and contemporary features. In some cases, that’s an effort to simplify life or create a smaller carbon footprint.

However, there are many motivations that spark the interest of buyers.

Tiny House, Tiny Cost

The cost and custom options might be a primary factors for younger buyers and retirees.

High Design Tiny House
New Frontier Tiny Home

The tiny house provides a contemporary alternative option that homeowners can locate on private land or in a community. Tiny homes also are used as second residence. The second residence, often termed an accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, can be a “granny house” or “writer’s cabin” behind a primary residence, or at a separate “getaway” location.

And buyers are not alone in their fascination and appreciation for the tiny home. Manufacturers are jumping on the band wagon, too, with new models from companies like New Frontier.

Custom Built Tiny House

Additionally, there are custom homes from companies like Tiny Incredible Homes.

While the younger generation creates a lot of buzz about these tiny homes, we see structures provided as an option to decrease the homeless population, as well.

Tiny Incredible Homes
High Design Tiny Home

That is, nonprofits nationwide build tiny homes to help people in need. Whether that means providing housing to homeless veterans or retirement-age homeowners who have been displaced, we are seeing tiny houses used in a variety of ways.

Tiny houses are a natural fit many buyers because they are affordable and take less time to build than most other options. 

Yet another trend is with companies looking to create communities of tiny homes for their employees . This has become a viable option for seasonal labor, or temporary housing on long-term projects.

So, whether this new style of smaller, simpler living is just trend or not, we sure are excited to watch as our industry continues to expand and reinvent the meaning of factory built housing.

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“Simply put, it is a social movement where people are choosing to downsize the space they live in.” – The Tiny Life

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