Tiny Home Holidays

Tiny Home Holidays

Have a Very Merry Minimalist Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or Boxing Day

We adore Tiny Homes at MHVillage, and Tiny Home Holidays has a special ring to it during this festive time.

MHVillager wants to provide some inspiration for decorating the tiny home. We also want to provide tiny home gift ideas that double as stocking stuffers, simple living charms and space savers!

So, first, let’s skip the obvious tiny tree post. Clearly, tiny home dwellers will side with Charlie Brown before Clark Griswold on this one…


Tiny Home Holidays LED Lighting

As for decorating, you can find in tiny dimensions any of those bold and beautiful bulbs you love to hang. But,  decorative lighting is a different endeavor. There’s a lot to choose from. Some is bulky, some are too bold for a small space, and many are
heavy on the electric bill. So, if you want something that’s a light touch and adaptable, plus energy efficient and low cost for purchase, take a look at this easy-to-apply indoor/outdoor lighting solution. These LEDs work well for window frames, roof lines, reindeer games, kitchen nooks or loft crannies. They offer a bit of extra room light, and provide the twinkle you love during winter celebrations!

One disclaimer: These are unlikely to work in your mini tree. However, most of those cute little guys come with their own lights.


Tiny Home Holidays Tree



OK, that said, I relent: Here’s one little happy living tree that comes with lights for your tiny home holidays.




Tiny Home Holidays Music

When it comes to a tiny home holidays celebration, some cheerful music is essential. You certainly should program it as you like, whether it’s the classic Christmas on Pandora or something off the path like “Talj, Talj” by Fairuz. Whatever your preference might be, there’s a nice, affordable little wireless speaker that is portable, can take a bit of melting snow, and has won rave reviews for all kinds of uses. It even comes in a festive green hue!


My family loves to play games. Good old-fashioned board games during those long, cold days of winter and times of family celebration. We’ll have a couple new games under the tree this year, but we found one in particular that is five-games-in-one, and comes in a easy-to-store and pack-along container!

Tiny Home Holidays

Now, one of the biggest messages we like to carry through the year, and emphasize during the holidays, is gratefulness. The holidays can be stressful times for many reasons, but underneath it all there’s always time for a deep breath and smile. Akin to that notion, there’s this wonderful little jar of insight that you could buy or even make at home!


It will help you keep your feet on the ground and your mind in the moment. Remember, many of these items can be for decorating a sacred space during the holiday, or given as a gift.


For those of us who like to have a little swig of holiday cheer in our winter celebration, you can personalize your very own miniature keg/growler to fill with a drink of choice! It looks cool, it’s the right size, and it can be re-used and appreciated through the year.


A Practical Something for Tiny Home Holidays

Tiny Home Holidays Spice Rack


If you’d like to get on to the more practical side of holiday decor and gift giving, our kitchens could always use a little help. We spend a lot of time in there this time of year, and couldn’t our recipes use a bit more spice without having to sacrifice cabinet or counter space? That’s a rhetorical questions.



Going to a holiday party? Haven’t made it to a dry-cleaner? A bit tired of using the dryer with a wet towel to tackle wrinkled pants? It’s not very efficient is it? Here’s a sturdy and compact ironing board made just for small spaces!


Tiny Home Holidays Portrait

A Personal Tiny Home Holidays Touch

Want to capture a special moment in your life, or that dream place you someday would like to find yourself?  Hang it on your wall with this fun, rustic-looking  pallet wall art piece.



And if you’re shopping for the sweet little ones in your tiny life, we can suggest a calming bedside moon light, or, just to cover the silliness factor, a tiny tiny magic 8 ball. Remember, take time to ask the mini 8 ball about your holiday dreams this year!


Winter wonder and cheers to all of our Villagers during this special season!

Tiny Home Holidays Moon