Sell Your Home Faster With These Tips for Taking Photos of Your Home

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home photosAdvertising your mobile home for sale or rent means you have to accurately represent the home in text and in your images. The benefit of advertising online is you can update those images regularly. The downside? The buyers and renters know you can do this, so there is little to no excuse in not having well-executed photos of your home. At MHVillage, we are passionate about teaching sellers how to take great shots of their homes.

Here are a few home sale photography tips:

Photos of the Room – Not the Stuff

If you are taking photos of your home, do what you can to tidy up personal items, like removing all the magnets and photos from the fridge. Speaking of which, be careful not to accidentally catch yourself in the reflections in mirrors and windows! Buyers want to imagine themselves in the home and the less you can personalize it, the better.

It’s All in the Timing

Dusk is a beautiful time to take photographs and everyone loves a gorgeous sunset, but it might put photos of your home in dark shadows. Look instead for mostly clear days or bright days that are a bit overcast for exterior shots. For interior shots, natural lighting is best. Newer bulbs can really distort the colors in your home. To avoid that, try to get those interior shots with the windows wide open on well lit days. Take your shots with your back to the window or other light source.

Highlight the Best Features

When taking pictures of a room, try to show off the home’s best features. It might be the extra storage in the kitchen or the view from the deck. However, don’t feel like you have to show every single room. While buyers love to see photos if all you can get in the frame is the bedroom window and some carpet, that photo probably doesn’t have to go on your ad.

Turn Your Phone

Modern mobile phones have amazing cameras and most take great photos. However, don’t forget to turn them horizontal so you have landscape photos. If possible, take the exterior shot on an angle. Homes, particularly mobile homes, tend to look better that way.

Photos – Lots of Photos

As we have said before, buyers love to see photos of your home. It gives them the opportunity to experience the home from the comfort of their living room. Taking a lot of pictures helps ensure you get great shots – and gives you something to send when people ask for more.

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