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Building and Industry – Tiny Homes and Tiny Living

The MHVillager blog looks to cover all corners of factory-built and “non-traditional” housing. This means more than manufactured housing, which is at the core of our content. We cover modular housing, tiny homes, the RV business and even 3D printed homes.

Representatives from MHVillage have attended three of the last four Tiny House and Simple Living Jamborees. “The Jam” is an annual event that helps to display new homes and answer consumer questions.

Additionally, In 2018, the Jamboree introduced Tiny Home Industry Days. It seeks to share professional best practices, create an industry association, gain representation in Washington, D.C. and continue to establish a meaningful platform for a tiny home marketplace in the U.S.

MHVillager Executive Editor Patrick Revere served on the opening industry panel for the 2018 Jamboree in Austin, Texas.




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