MHVillage Home Seller Tips: Home Description
  How do you describe your home? Similar to putting an ad in a newspaper, when you advertise your home online you need to include all of the valuable home information. The perfect space for this? The Home Description section! “But I’m not a professional, can’t I just list... Read more
Good VS Bad Photos
How Do Your Photos Represent Your Home? Home photos make your listing come alive. Photos can show the immaculate landscaping, rural views, inviting fireplace or upgraded kitchen. The number one question we are asked from a home buyer is “Can I see more photos of the home?” When you... Read more
How to Contact a Community
What if I need more information? How do I contact a community? We understand that there are time when you will need to contact a community. To clarify, does not own, operate, or manage any of the communities advertised on our site. Rather, we are the #1 website for communities to advertise... Read more
Photos Photos Photos!
We have been talking with our home buyers on MHV and their number one request is: “More home photos please!” Statistically, we have found that listings with more than 30 home photos receive 25% more clicks to view than similar homes with fewer home photos In other words, there really... Read more
How to Find a Pet Friendly Mobile Home Community
A recent home buyer shared this note on our Facebook page about pet-friendly communities: “Thank you all who gave me such wonderful information regarding your communities and homes for sale. We are reading and looking at all info seriously. We are retiring after the first of the year and southern Arizona is... Read more
Finding a Retirement Community
If you are looking at retirement communities, there are a number of key details to help narrow your search… Location being one of the biggest – A lot of consumers on our site look to move to warmer climates. We have quite a number of retirement communities in Florida,... Read more
Home for Sale
Tips for the New Home Buyer If you’re looking at a home for sale, whether it’s new or previously owned, in a community or on private land, there are a few things that people with experience want you to know. Do your research. When a make, model or design... Read more
Perfecting Your Home Description
The Home Description in Your Listing Can Make All the Difference The space in your listing where we invite you to give a detailed home description is one that will determine the success of your home sale experience. Something we see quite a bit on MHVillage is sellers using... Read more
High Tech Home Shopping
Clayton Launches Home Previewer® Augmented Reality Mobile App National homebuilder introduces high tech home shopping with enhanced interactive functionality for homebuyers MARYVILLE, Tenn. (July 10, 2017) – Home shoppers can use augmented reality to visualize how their potential new home may look like on their land before they break ground. Clayton,... Read more
Find a Home to Rent
MHVillage is a great place to search for the perfect home to rent! Here are a few tools we offer YOU, the home renter: Sort: If you come to MHVillage and start your quest by typing in a location via the Quick Search, be sure to notice all of our... Read more