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How-to articles are a big part of what MHVillager, the blog for MH Consumers, is interested in providing. We want to help you learn how to buy, sell or rent a home. We want to help you learn what it takes to maintain that home, and get the products and services you need to create the ideal place to be.

Articles that provide insight and instruction on how to plant a garden, replace a roof and finance a home have shown to be some of our most popular posts.

If you have a how-to article to suggest, please leave us a comment. We’re happy to consider directly meeting the needs of our readers!




Clayton at Novi Home Show

Manufactured Home Showcase at Novi Home Show Oct. 11-13

Novi Home Show to Include 5 New Manufactured Homes The Novi Home Show, Oct. 11-13, will include five new, fully-decorated manufactured homes from some of...
Innovative housing draws attention

Manufactured Homes on National Mall Make Big Impression

Potential Homebuyers Awestruck by New Manufactured Homes in Washington, D.C. One Washington, D.C., area potential homebuyer came to the National Mall with tiny homes on...
New Housing Showcase Washington DC Skyline Champion

Innovative Housing Showcase in D.C. June 1-5

HUD Hosts First 'Innovative Housing Showcase' The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development hosts its inaugural Innovative Housing Showcase on the National Mall starting...