Staged to Sell on a Reasonable Budget

Staged to Sell
A table that is the right scale for the room made this single section home feel much larger. The use of white and black makes the room feel open and modern, too. Clayton Homes of Desoto, Texas courtesy of Lisa Stewart Photography
Staged to Sell
Suzanne Felber

When I moved to Tucson Ariz., over 20 years ago, I knew I wanted to live in the foothills and wanted to build my own home using modular construction.

Zoning at that time prohibited me from doing that. So, ever since I have been on a journey not only to change people’s perceptions about factory built homes, but to also exceed expectations.

Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber has built the Lifestylist Brands around three core areas that she is passionate about: great wines, great food, and above all, great design. For over 30 years she has been defining what the trademarked term Lifestylist is all about and continues to take the roads less traveled.


Staged to Sell
Neutrals and hard surface flooring are very popular right now, but they can leave a room feeling cold and uninviting.
Staged to Sell
Add an area rug for color and texture makes a room feel warmer and more inviting. Freedom Homes of Sherman, Texas courtesy of  Lisa Stewart Photography

Today’s Homebuyers Expect More from the Manufactured Home

Home buyers are very savvy about design trends and building practices thanks to resources like HGTV, MHVillage and social media.

I started in manufactured housing after a very successful career in the site-built and luxury home markets. Time and again I was told my ideas “weren’t how we did it” in our industry.

Thanks to forward-thinking companies like Cavco and Clayton Homes, home buyers can get the looks they want but still stay within an affordable home budget. When they tour a home or see it online, they have high expectations as well.

Staged to Sell
Use “personality pieces” in strategic locations for something to remember about your home. Freedom Homes of Sherman, Texas courtesy of Lisa Stewart Photography

Homes with a lot of dusty faux greenery above cabinets, empty wine bottles on the counter, and damaged or dated furniture won’t cut it anymore.

Today, if you’re looking to sell manufactured homes, the home needs to be staged to sell.

Even on a tight budget, it’s possible to stage a home that will turn a “looker” into a buyer.


Staged to Sell
Larger items strategically placed will enhance instead of detracting from what you are trying to sell – your home. Clayton Homes of Desoto, Texas courtesy of Lisa Stewart Photography

Five tip for how to get your home staged to sell

      1. Color Sells: New homes have become very monochromatic, and as a result an unfurnished, un-staged home can be hard for a customer to fall in love with. Color and textures can add some emotion to your home, but a little goes a long way! Add color with simple, inexpensive items like a shower curtain, area rugs and accessories.
      2. Get Emotional: Help your buyers fall in love with your home by adding some memory points to your home that the buyer will remember. Photos of a special event that happened in your community or images of people enjoying their new life are always a great way to show off your community. Set up the kitchen and dining area of the home that is for sale so it shows that they will be able to do lots of entertaining in their new home. Those funny or inspirational plaques that are memorable are also a great way to have the buyer remember your home over the competition.
      3. Kill the Clutter: You can have too much of a good thing, and too much of the wrong furniture, accessories, or aromas can make your potential customer run for the door.
      4. Quality Lighting: Have you ever noticed how some homes seem really dark even in the middle of the day, or tend to have a blue or peach hue to them? It may be because they are using the wrong lightbulbs, or don’t have enough light sources in the room. Using those “pigtail” fluorescent bulbs may save energy, but they can kill your sale. Invest in some good daylight rated LED bulbs – you can always change them out after you sell the home. This will also make a huge difference in how your photography turns out – especially if you are using your phone and don’t correct the white balance. Adding in some floor or table lamps can really help in rooms that don’t have other light sources.
      5. Sharp Photography: Social media and great photography are more important than ever to sell your home. If customers can’t see inside and view your home at their leisure, they’ll move on to your competitor’s home that has made it easy for them to view and buy.

        Staged to Sell
        Baths also should be free of clutter and personal items – a few well placed accessories and artwork will make the room feel calm and inviting. Freedom Homes of Sherman, Texas courtesy of Lisa Stewart Photography
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