Spotlight on Manufactured Home Builders

Kitchen and Living room by Adventure Home Builders
The Griffin Liv2 8788-1 by Adventure Home Builders

This month the MHVillager shines the spotlight on four manufactured home builders. These companies build terrific homes in their factories for American homeowners. Searching for new home models? Here are four places to look!

Adventure Homes

For a start, Adventure Homes has an interesting story. On a Friday afternoon in 2009, Fleetwood ended their manufacturing operation in Garret, Ind. Wally Comer, Walt Fuller and Jerry Henry purchased the plant. On Monday morning, they reopened under “Adventure Homes”. Since then, this scrappy, tenacious company has gone on to win Manufacturer of the Year in both 2016 and 2017!

From the Adventure Homes website:

By having the best quality people and best quality working environment we can produce the best quality home. Every employee at Adventure Homes accepts nothing less in each other, and themselves.

Our motto at Adventure Homes is “Luxury and Comfort for Less” you cannot just buy quality it must be built one floor, one wall, and one home at a time.

Manufactured Home Builders

Cavco Homes

Cavco Homes builds manufactured and modular homes, park model RVs and vacation cabins. The company builds under a number of trade names. As a result, they have many models to choose from. Some of the brands you may know include:

Manufactured Home Builders
Located in Arizona, Cavco’s homes include models like the Santa Fe


  • Fleetwood
  • Palm Harbor
  • Nationwide
  • Fairmont
  • Chariot Eagle
  • CountryPlace

From the Cavco Industries website:

As the original manufacturing and retail organization for Cavco Industries, Cavco Homes sets the standard for quality, service and value in manufactured homes and RV Park Models. Cavco’s homes are built in many sizes and dimensions, but most importantly they are constructed to meet our customers needs.

Manufactured Home Builders

Champion Home Builders

Manufactured Home Builders
Advantage 2872-203 by Redman Homes, a Champion brand.

Champion Home Builders began in 1953 in a small town in Michigan. Since that time, they have become one of the top builders of manufactured and modular homes and buildings. They have 28 facilities located throughout North America. Indeed, their manufactured, modular and mobile homes, park models and commercial modular buildings can be found all around the United States and western Canada. In fact, we featured one of their homes recently in an article about Tiny Homes.

From the Champion Home Builders website:

Champion offers many factory-built solutions, from single-family and multi-family homes to commercial and government buildings. Our manufactured homes, modular homes and mobile homes are distributed through a large and growing network of retailers, builders and developers. As a result, you’ll find Champion-built structures in a variety of neighborhoods — from rural to urban and everything in between.

Manufactured Home Builders

Clayton Homes

Clayton began building homes since 1956. They offer a number of different building solutions. For instance, they build everything from traditional site-built homes, modular homes, manufactured homes, tiny houses, college dorms, to military barracks and apartments. In 2015 they built over 34,000 homes across America. Clayton Homes has also been awarded numerous design awards.

Manufactured Home Builders
4028-400 from Clayton Home Builders

From the Clayton Homes website:

At Clayton, it is our mission to open doors to a better life and help families build happiness through homeownership. Since handing the first home key to our first customer in 1956, we have been proud of our dedication to innovation and providing affordable, quality built homes across America.

By providing an opportunity to affordable homeownership, adopting green practices and giving back to our community, we continue to shape and lead the nation’s housing industry into the future.

Manufactured Home Builders


So, if you are looking to purchase a new manufactured or mobile home, MHVillage has a number of search tools to help! Alternatively, click over to any of these sites and take a look at their floor plans and options. You are sure to find something you like!

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