Selling Your Home in 2018

Selling Your Mobile Home

It seems like every year we talk about how quickly the last year flew by. Life always seems to keep moving whether we are ready for it or not. But the start of a new year can also infuse new energy behind some big life changes like buying or selling your mobile.

How do we know this? Our numbers don’t lie!

Every January within the first few weeks we see a major increase in web traffic on our site.

Both buyers and sellers tend to begin their journey right after the holiday season. Maybe it’s energy of a new year, the chilly weather or the realization of needing more space after all of the relatives have visited the last holiday season. It could be any or all of these factors that inspire buyers and sellers to get in gear.

2018 has continued in this trend with record high traffic since January 1st!

How does this help with selling your mobile home?

You have the opportunity to take advantage of interested buyers by updating your home advertisements, reaching out to any leads and scheduling open houses and home tours right away.

If we’ve learned anything from years past it’s that consumers shop for practically everything online first.

MHVillage has 25 million visitors annually. In 2018, those visits resulted in 148 million page views.

Selling Your Mobile Home

Whether it be shoes, tools, cars or homes they start their search in the comfort of their home. Additionally the number of people using their mobile devices to shop is consistently growing and out-performing desktop searches.

What does this mean?

It means, in 2018 not only is it more important than ever to advertise your home online. It’s important to keep things updated and current.

You also want to be sure the websites you are using are mobile friendly!

What does “Mobile Friendly” mean?Selling Your Mobile Home

It means the website you advertise with has taken into consideration the various screen sizes, search tools and options that consumers can easily navigate on their phones or tablets.

How can MHVillage Help?

We have been and continue to be the #1 marketing place for manufactured housing. This means we are constantly updating, re-designing and creating new features for both home buyers and home sellers. With our website home buyers can easily shop for homes and contact the seller directly with no hassle, or wait time.

If you haven’t listed your home with us yet, here are some details about the the options available:

  • The Cost? As an individual, listing your home is a one time fee. – You pay one time to activate your home listing instantly. The best part? There is no expiration on the listing. Once you activate your home on our website it will stay available online until you remove it or mark it as “Sold”.
  • Need to change the listing price? You create and manage your own home listing. – When you enter your home information via our listing process, you can include a full list of features and a description of the home with no word limit. All of the information you can also update and change at any time.
  • Photos? We got you covered. – All of the listing packages we offer you the ability to list photos of the homes with a caption.
  • Is there a Commission if I sell the home through MHVillage? Nope! – MHVillage is a website that offers buyers search tools and sellers advertising tools. If you sell your home through MHVillage there is no commission or removal fee whatsoever. Once you pay to activate your listing, there are no additional fees. Plus buyers will contact you directly though the listing, so we aren’t in the middle of the sale in any way!

In conclusion, while selling your mobile can feel like a mighty task there are several tools and and trends this year that can help guide you along the way.

If you have any any questions about the listing process with MHVillage please contact us, we are happy to help!



  1. I have seen the listing of property and they are so far out of true cost. Are the Agents listing a higher cost just to get listing and not being honest with the homeowner? It appears to be coast to coast. There is truly no check and balances and honesty with the present system! It is just seeing how much they can get for the homeowner and the property could go on for more than a year and never sell.

    • Hello Ross,

      Thank you for commenting. Unfortunately, since we work strictly in the advertising world I don’t have the authority to answer your question. I can say that there are a lot of different companies and professionals in this industry and with that there will always be a handful of home sellers who may list at higher prices than anticipated or expected. The benefit of our website is as a buyer you can search for a home in many different ways and you can change the sort by price. We also have a large variety of different home sellers on our site ranging from individuals to professionals. This flexibility allows you to shop at your own pace and evaluate different homes and their prices before contacting the sellers.

  2. Ross’ comments reveals that he doesn’t understand the real estate industry, including mobile home buying and selling. Firs I would ask him: What do you mean by true cost? Before saying property listings are far out of true cost, true cost would have to be defined. True cost really doesn’t mean anything, and in fact it has nothing to do with true value. The value of a property is what a buyer with a sound mind will pay for a property. Next, agents aren’t allowed to and don’t set list prices; the owners do. However, agents provide supporting information — comps, trends, etc. — so the owners can come up with an accurate list price. Rarely would an owner of an agent want to have an inflated and unrealistic list price because the home wouldn’t sell. Finally for now, there is a check and balance. Buyers and their agents do their research before making offers, and the agents representing sellers want to get paid, so they will do whatever they can to get the homes sold. That is why they try to get the sellers to come up with realistic list prices. If a price is too high, in almost all cases the list price will be reduced after a month or so. Rarely will buyers pay more than true market value. Their agents will be sure of it.

  3. Correction: The last part of line seven should read: rarely would an owner OR an agent……

    I wish to add one comment regarding Ross’ comment where he wrote: “It is just seeing how much they can get for the homeowner and the property could go on for more than a year and never sell.” My comment: A listing agent’s fiduciary duty includes doing whatever is legally and ethically possible to get the highest price possible. If they don’t get the highest price the market will bear, the seller would have the right to sue the agent.


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