How to Select the Right Floor Plan for Your New Manufactured Home

selecting the right floor plan manufactured home
Floor plan courtesy of Champion Homes, Innovations HE3272 model.

Once you make the decision to buy a manufactured home, you still have some big choices to make … including selecting the right floor plan.

From the size and shape, to where the rooms are located, selecting the right mobile home floor plan can affect how you experience your new home. The Michigan Manufactured Housing Association has compiled five tips to help you choose the right floor plan for your new home.

1. Decide what size of home will best suit your family

Selecting the right floor plan should start with what size home will fit your lifestyle. Assess how many bedrooms are essential for children, if you need extra space for guests, or if you require a large kitchen for family meals. Manufactured home floor plans come in a wide variety of sizes, with popular options ranging from 1,400 to 2,000 square feet, and from two to four bedrooms.

2. Make your decision based on the layout, not the finishes

You’ll likely be touring model manufactured homes before you make your floor plan choices. Ensure you are basing your decision on how the home flows and might function for your daily activities. It’s hard to not be wowed by the upgraded floors, countertops, and furniture in the model home, but try to imagine the home in a “stripped down” state. Then, once you select your floor plan, you can make finish decisions based on the models that you loved.

3. Ask your sales consultant for guidance

While you may know what you want in your next home, a manufactured home sales consultant in your selected community could help you with additional considerations. He or she may provide advice related to energy-saving features, anticipated utility costs, or even common maintenance.

4. Know your budget limits before selecting a floor plan

Before getting your heart set on one floor plan, know what the costs are associated with the home. Have your finances in order and stay within what you can comfortably afford. Ask your sales consultant to break down costs as you narrow down to the floor plan that fits within your budget.

5. Determine if you will keep existing or buy new furniture

While you may only be thinking about the rooms and layout of your floor plan, choosing furniture is a major investment. If you decide to use your current furniture in your next home, ensure you measure it and take this into account when reviewing plans.

Above all, trust your instincts. You have the ability to “feel” when a space feels comfortable. Take these instincts into consideration when looking at different manufactured homes. You may be surprised by how many custom manufactured home options you will have. Listen to what speaks to you.

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