Say ‘Yes’ To Manufactured Homes!


How can you be sure you have found the manufactured home for you?

Similar to shopping for a new wardrobe, sometimes the home shopper has to “try on” a few options before you arrive at the right choice.

Now, when it comes to home shopping, there are a plethora of details, features and factors to consider. One factor is affordability. This detail can be a strong contender for more and more home buyers looking to manufactured homes as an option. However, once you start looking in this industry, you have a whole new list of home features to check off!

Here are some features you might not know to look for in your next MH:


Unlike traditional homes, manufactured  homes have the ability to be re-located. Your options for location include everything from a home in a community with resident activities to acquiring a private lot for a secluded country setting.


Mobile and Manufactured homes have a much different look than you might imagine. With manufacturers like Champion and Cavco creating new homes every year, you can choose from catalogs of model homes they offer, plus there are companies that allow you to create a custom mobile home.

Let’s not forget about the new and ever-trending Tiny Homes that are taking our industry by storm! (Check out this article from a previous post that dives into Tiny Home details.)


Obtaining the appraised value of a mobile or manufactured home requires some specific routes that differ from the steps one would follow with a traditional home. Since mobile homes are considered personal property, or “chattel”,  you can get anything from a NADA Book Value Report, which is a base value of the home, to a full appraisal performed by a certified manufactured home appraiser. This option requires an appraiser to visit the home and give a full estimate of the value.

Another key factor in the value is the location, which means you can have the exact same home on the ocean front as a home in the middle of the country but the market value will be different. This is where you want to take into consideration both the local market value and the comparable sales in the area.


We work with Datacomp Appraisal, which is a nationwide certified appraisal company focused solely on the manufactured and mobile home industry.


“So where do I begin?”

Manufactured homes for sale or rent


There are a number of different ways you can shop for a home, but when it comes to the manufactured home industry, online shopping continues to prove it is the most commonly used first step. This is where we come in!

MHVillage offers shoppers all the tools to sift through homes for sale or rent, and even model homes.

It’s free to use, and as a shopper, you can create an account, contact sellers and set up email alerts!

If you have any additional questions on how you can find the perfect fit for you, give us a call or an email –

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