Renting A Mobile Home

Renting a mobile home

Renting a Mobile Home?

Here are the basics!

A common question we receive at MHVillage refers to rental home options. While some might argue that buying is better, here are some benefits to the options of renting a mobile home.


One advantage of renting a mobile home vs buying one is the aspect of maintenance. As a homeowner, you are responsible for major repairs and up-keep. As a home renter, you typically would contact the owner of the home to maintain the home and/or the property. This is a great option for individuals seeking a temporary housing option (business) or even a seasonal one, depending on the location. By renting the home you don’t always have the responsibility of major home repairs.


Whether you are looking to rent a mobile home in a resort-style community for retirement or to acquire a second home option for vacations on the waterfront, renting offers flexibility without the commitment of ownership.

Low-Cost/More Options:

Most people think of manufactured housing as a low-cost option for living. This can be especially true if renting a mobile home when you consider the benefits included.

If you rent a home on private land, it can be fairly low in cost since typically you are then paying for the home and sometimes the mobile home’s property taxes. However, depending on the location, you privacy as for your rental instead of renting an apartment with neighbors.

If you rent a home that is in a community your rent typically includes additional amenities. Most communities offer lawn service, a pool (and it’s maintenance), trash removal, and in some cases snow removal within their rental price.

How do I find a Mobile Home to Rent?

Renting a Mobile Home

MHVillage has some great search tools on our site where you can sort and filter to only show homes or communities who have rental options available.

Renting a Mobile Home

We also have a search alert tool where you can sign up to receive email notifications about rental homes available that meet your criteria. It’s called the “Ideal Home Search Tool”.

If you have any additional questions about using MHVillage to find Mobile Home for Rent contact us!

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