What You Need to Know About Pet Policy in Mobile Home Parks

pet policy manufactured home communities

Have a pet? Then you know a special love. They are part of the family. But, when looking for a mobile home park, there may be rules and regulations you need to follow.

What is a Pet Policy?

Pet policies are the rules for occupancy regarding pets. Most manufactured home communities have some kind of pet policy or another. Some allow only a certain number of pets, while others restrict the size or the breed. Know the rules before you go to buy a home. You don’t want to close the deal and find out that Fluffy isn’t allowed!

Here are some examples of common pet policy items:

  • No pet policy. There are some places that don’t allow for any pets. There are exceptions made to these rules for service animals, but otherwise having a pet under these circumstances would be considered a breach of contract.
  • Type and number of pets allowed. Some policies focus more on the number of animals. Only allowing one or two is fairly common. I have seen pet policies that exclude dogs, and others that exclude pets in tanks. (The latter was in a pet policy for renting a home. Apparently, they had problems in the past with a tenant who had a leaky fish tank!) “Exotic breeds” also fall under this category and may be regulated.
  • Dangerous Breeds. Certainly, communities have policies against certain dog breeds. This is typical because insurance companies have bans against “dangerous breeds.” (This list will vary, so check with your community.) Dangerous breeds generally include Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Chows, Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, St. Bernard’s, Wolf Hybrids, and a mix of any of the above.
  • The Weight of the Pet. Other pet policies stay away from banning certain types of pets by
    pet in community golf cart
    Pets are welcome in Blair Group’s communities.

    having a weight requirement. For example, they may state no pets over 30 pounds.

  • Pets Welcome. Other communities know how important our pets are to us and welcome them with open arms. Some communities even have specific dog runs and dog parks for the residents to bring their furry friends. For example, Blair Group’s 55+ Communities welcome pets in all their Florida communities.

That covers the pets allowed portion, but communities can also have policies that reflect how you care for your pet.

Other policies to be aware of:

  • Leashes. Some communities have rules about dogs – and cats – being on leashes when outside of the resident’s home. Since most mobile home communities do not have fences between the home lots, this can be important. Even if your community doesn’t have a specific rule on this, it’s a good way to keep your four-legged friends safe.
  • Spay and Neutering. There can be requirements that animals over a certain age are spays or neutered. Restricting pet breeding also can fall under restrictions about commercial businesses in residences.
  • Damage. Policies can include a pet deposit or an agreement that owners will pay for any damage incurred by their pets.
  • Maintenance. The policy may also have rules about how cleaning up after their pets and how to bag and dispose of pet waste.
  • Licenses and shots. A community could also have a policy that companion animals are up to date on their vaccines and have been properly licensed per your state or local government. Even if it isn’t specifically in the rules, also makes sense to collar your pet and have a tag with your name, phone number, and lot number. If your furry friend happens to slip out the back door of your home, someone can help bring them home.

How to Find Mobile Home Parks that allow pets:

pet policy - finding a mobile homeA good way to start is by shopping on MHVillage.com. Using the Advanced Community Search, you can specifically look for parks that allow pets.

You can enter the area where you are looking to find a home, and click Only Listings in Parks that Allow Pets. That will give a list of manufactured homes for sale or rent in pet-friendly communities.

If you don’t find any homes in your area, don’t give up! Instead, uncheck the box and try again. If you see a home you are interested in, contact the community. Not all communities have updated their policies recently, so it never hurts to call and find out. In fact, you should check with the community manager on any home you are interested in if you have pets. This is one quick phone call can prevent problems down the road.

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