Perfect Your Home Description


The Perfect Home Description Can Make All the Difference

The space in your listing where we invite you to give a detailed home description is one that will determine the success of your home sale experience.

Something we see quite a bit on MHVillage is sellers who use the home description area to either list additional details (sometimes the same features already selected and listed in the home features section) or enter nothing at all.

We have found that this is simply not as effective as taking the time to give the shopper more information about the home, the community it is within and any other details that might make this home stand out from the crowd.

Here are some examples of actual home descriptions on MHVillage:

Option 1:

Short description for a home for sale

Option 2:

The difference in these two home descriptions is crystal clear. One of the sellers took the extra steps to really show off what this home has to offer, while the other seems like they tried to list the home as quickly as possible, not really giving much information.

long home description of a home for sale

Stand Out

It is important to remember, a lot of home buyers are looking at tons of listings and a good number of these buyers are looking at homes in another state. So by giving them more information in your ad, you are setting them up to be interested enough to contact you for a tour, or for more information.

Now, there are plenty of different ways you can use this space from a marketing standpoint. You can write a home description in the style of a newspaper article where it’s in paragraph format. Or, you can write a bulleted list of all the home’s features. Either way, you want to be able to give the buyer the experience of walking through the home, noting all of the details that matter to a homeowner. We found that the ads where you can tell that the seller took the time to describe the home keep buyers interested and eventually gets them to contact the seller.

So, no matter what your style of advertising is, it’s important to share with the buyer why they should consider your home over all of the other options out there. Why not take the time to use this space to your benefit?

We try to give you all of the tools you need to go the extra mile in your advertising. There are even more to be found in this article: MHVillage Home Seller Tips: Home Descriptions.