Mobile Home Space Savers – Cut the Clutter

Cut the Clutter
A streamlined 'floating desk' is a serious space saver

Cut the Clutter with these Mobile Home Organization and Storage Tips

Some small spaces like many mobile homes, as well as college dorms, apartments and of course tiny homes all share an uncanny ability to breed a maze of lost keys, forever-packed boxes and over-stuffed cabinets.

Cut the Clutter
Cut the Clutter with Key Hooks

If you’re new to making strategic use of your living space, you might rely on old habits. Try these space-saving tips to help cut the clutter; make your space seem bigger and work better.

Your days of digging out of a beanie baby collection or trying to figure where to stuff a weekend shopping spree — well, they still might not be over.

These tips can only conjure up so much space!

Long-time mobile and manufactured home residents, please leave a comment and let us know your tips for how to stash those beanie babies?

In the meantime, here are some ways to save space in everyday situations:



Keep it visible, keep it safe

An outside observer might think smaller space = easier to find things. Our perpetually lost keys say otherwise. Instead of stashing them wherever there’s room when you get home, create space for them.

Add a command hook to the side of the fridge, attach a key rack next to — or on — the front door, or attach a magazine holder to the side of a shoe rack. A window shutter, hung up by the door and paired with hooks and clothespins also can be an easy place to hang a key or clip a bill.

Use your walls strategically Instead of a full-size desk, try a desk that folds into the wall. You can even paint it to blend in. Getting a higher couch leaves room for storage bins underneath — or simply get a storage couch.

These hacks use surprisingly multipurpose items:

Cut the Clutter
A streamlined ‘floating desk’ from Wayfair is a serious space saver


  • Shower storage racks can be an easy and even cute alternative to shelves, when little space is available. Stash scissors, chargers, remotes or desk items here.
  • Instead of taking up floor space with a bulky shoe rack, try cutting some PVC pipes into shoe-size lengths, attach together and onto a supportive base and lean against a wall.


Cut the clutter

Do you need ten throw pillows, or do they make your space feel cramped? Maybe you’ve been saving every pair of shoes since your high school prom — they’ll just add to the stuff you need to store in your living room, so donate or store somewhere else. Keeping just one of anything, from household cleaners to scissors, will help your home stay clutter-free and feeling spacious.

Cut the Clutter with Clever Storage
A storage couch from Wayfair


Give household items a new purpose  

Need to restore space and order to your built-in cupboards? Magazine holders work here, too: They’re perfect for stashing aluminum foil, plastic wrap or cleaning supplies. These are also a great option if your small living space doesn’t have many cupboards — try attaching them to the side of a counter, or on a kitchen door or wall.

Multipurpose items win again:  

  • Wire shelves installed upside down in a pantry will easily hold cans and boxed food.

    Cut the Clutter in the Kitchen too
    Use adhesive hooks to hang cookery lids.
  • Command hooks attached to a wall can hold pans, pot lids or mugs.
  • Shower storage racks can similarly hold cookery or canned food.
  • A pegboard wall also can use empty wall space to hang cookery — this means more room in the cupboards for food!

Disguise messy/in-use areas

Cut the Clutter
Free standing cabinet space

This doesn’t exactly save space, but it could ease your mind if you care how things look and need to add extra storage shelving to a regular kitchen wall: Simply install a curtain above an exposed shelf, and pull it across when not in use.

Alternatively, get a standing cabinet, or to add creative flair, install shelves inside a small wardrobe or armoire. Find one at at thrift or discount store, repaint it and you have an attractive storage space!

If items are on display, they might as well be pretty (if you care about this sort of thing). Instead of stashing random items on top of cupboards, use large mason jars or similar display jars for oatmeal, cereal or dried beans and rice.

Cut the clutter

What kitchen items don’t you need? That juicer you used once 10 years ago? Re-gift it. Those duplicate soup spoons, can openers, measuring cups? Donate them. That China set you’re keeping just in case the Queen comes for tea? Give to a historical re-enactment group.


A strategic use of space strikes again

  • A storage bed is helpful here, working as a dresser and linens cabinet.
  • Add more clothing rods to your closet. Attach hooks and hang purses. Use hooks to hang multiple tank tops on one hanger.
  • If you do want a dresser, choose a tall one.
  • Add pegs to a closet door for easy shoe hanging.
  • Use a hanging fruit basket for hats or socks or scarves.

I’ll say it again: Cut the clutter!


So many life hacks

  • Install a shower or clothing rod under the sink for hanging spray bottles.
  • Use silverware trays inside drawers to organize toiletries.
  • Purchase one of these tall toilet paper holders or use small, hanging bins like this to
    Cut the Clutter
    Toilet Paper Holder from Wayfair

    organize toilet paper and other items underneath the bathroom sink.

  • Install a foldable clothes drying rack — you could even hang it from the ceiling.

You know this, but cut out the items you don’t use — your space will thank you.

By the way, I asked a friend where he keeps his beanie babies: In his car.