The Basic Home Security Checklist Every Mobile Home Needs

mobile home security checklist

For most homeowners, finding a way to keep their residence and the possessions contained within its walls safe is a top priority. In fact, most property owners spend around $2,000 a year on optional maintenance like security systems and other upgrades.

The main thing a manufactured homeowner needs to do before installing any security upgrades is to inspect their property. Making a checklist of things that need to be reviewed can help ensure that a thorough inspection is performed.

Here are some of the things a homeowner needs to check when trying to assess the security of their mobile home.

Checking the Condition Of Your Home’s Garage Door

One of the most common entry points burglars use is a home’s garage door. Generally, these doors will be unsecured and easy to open, which is why criminals gravitate toward them. Instead of leaving this area of your manufactured home vulnerable and exposed, it is time to take action. Ignoring the need for better garage door security can lead to lots of problems in the future.

If you want to increase the security of your garage, start by exploring different mobile home garage options and search for a more secure door opener. You may also want to completely cover any windows in the garage to ensure burglars are unable to look in.

The last step in properly securing your garage door is investing in higher-quality locks. Most of the factory locks that are on modern garage doors are not very sturdy. With a bit of research, you should have no problem finding the right replacement lock for your garage door. Instead of trying to install this lock on your own, be sure to work with a locksmith to avoid any problems.

Assessing the Power of Your Security System

Home security checklist windows
Check windows in your home to ensure they’re secure.

The biggest misconception most people have regarding their home security system is that it never needs to be updated. Just like any other piece of technology, eventually, your home security system will become obsolete. Leaving an old and outdated security system in place can come back to haunt you. Rather than waiting for this system to fail you, replace it with a modern and monitored option.

Modern security alarms can be installed wirelessly and have a number of unique features. Conduct your own online research and consult with security professionals before choosing a new security system. Modern security systems allow you to add things like window alarms and cameras with ease.

This means you can turn your mobile home into an impenetrable fortress in no time.

Are Your Doors Secure?

The doors in a home are used multiple times a day without much thought. Over 34 percent of burglars use the front door as their entry point. This is why inspecting and upgrading your door and its hardware is so vital. Inspect the exterior doors of your home while considering a few factors. The first thing you need to assess is just how well-made the deadbolt on the door is. If the lock seems a bit flimsy, upgrading it to a more durable option is a good idea. As you inspect the deadbolt lock, be sure to glance at the door’s striker plate as well.

Most striker plates come with very short mounting screws. These screws will not be able to withstand a lot of force. For instance, it wouldn’t be very hard to dislodge these shorter screws. Replacing these screws with longer ones can help you secure your doors in no time.

You may also want to think about using smart locks to eliminate the need for keys. These locks can generally be unlocked with a code or even a fingerprint. They can be pricey, but they can be worth the money.

Mobile Home Security Checklist for Mobile Homes

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Tighten Up Network Security to Avoid Attacks

Some homeowners get so fixated on physically security their home that they forget about the importance of digital security. If you have a home automation system in place, you need to work hard to ensure your wireless network is secure. If it is not, it will be easy for a tech-savvy burglar to infiltrate the network and open up your home with ease.

Doing things like hiding or renaming your wireless network is a step in the right direction. You will also need to work on making your passwords stronger. Changing these passwords on a regular basis is a good way to keep burglars guessing. Installing top-notch antivirus software can also help you avoid attacks on the technology in your manufactured home.

Does Your Home’s Exterior Need More Light?

Home security checklist landscaping lighting
Make sure the hedges and bushes are nicely trimmed.

Keep bushes, hedges and other landscaping well-trimmed and the exterior of your home well lit. Good lights will reduce the number of potential hiding places and are great for curb appeal. Instead of trying to find and install these lights alone, you should work with professionals. They can get new landscape lighting installed and functional in no time at all.

Home Security Upgrades are a Great Investment

Saving money is something most homeowners focus on. However, investing money in the right places can make your home more secure and appealing. Working through this home security checklist and investing in the right home security upgrades will enhance your home safety and security.

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