How to Approach a Mobile Home Repair

Mobile Home Repairs and Supplies

We likely have had that moment when the home you love so dearly needs a bit of TLC. Whether it’s out-of-date flooring, a wobbly porch railing, or simply some new skirting for your mobile home, repairs and supplies are a critical reality to homeownership.

Oh, and, if you haven’t had that moment yet, trust us, it’s home repair kitchen

However, there are a few different ways you can approach a mobile home repair!

Step one? Do Some Research on Mobile Home Repairs and Supplies!

With the invention of YouTube and the generosity of others you always can begin your research online. See what other home owners have done to accomplish the task at hand. By watching these videos you may get an idea on whether the repairs you have to do are something in your wheelhouse. Or, perhaps your task requires a professional. The plumbing in a mobile home is one area that might make you pause and think about hiring out the work. Electrical certainly is one.

Yes, whether to tackle the job yourself or contract it out is one of the first things you should be thinking about.

mobile home repair drywall bedroom

Professional Assistance Required

If you find yourself in over your head, there is no shame in bringing in a professional. We want the correct and safe completion of the job. Hire a professional who is familiar with mobile and manufactured housing. Many of the systems in a manufactured home are unique to this housing type, even if the materials are the same.

Hiring a professional will make it more likely the job is done correctly. It will get done faster as well. If you are looking to do make any repairs or adjustments to the main portion of the home, let’s say some kind of addition to the mobile home, there typically are local codes and industry regulations specific to manufactured housing that need to be met.

This often times requires pulling a permit from the local municipality; however, that’s dependent on where the home sits. If you’re on private land in the county or township, the need to pull a permit is less likely.

If you home is in a community, the best place to start is with the manager. The manager and a community maintenance professional may be able to offer assistance on the spot, or refer you to professionals they know and trust.

“DIY” Way

As we mentioned before, there are fathoms of online videos that cover mobile home repairs and supplies scenarios. The one we link to here will get you on your way. And, surely, there is one out there for you! The references we provide should help you plan the time, tools, materials and budget you will need.

If you decide to “do-it-yourself” you will need some quality mobile home supplies though!

Again, the internet saves the day! We also have a pretty extensive list of other mobile home parts stores on our website to help get you started.

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