These Mobile Home Parts Will Have Your Home Looking New Again

Quality Mobile Home Parts Help Your Place Look its Best

Need a Repair? Take A Spin Through Popular Products to Help Improve Your Mobile Home

Mobile homes are like any other dwelling. They need routine maintenance and occasional upgrades to keep them in their best shape. Unlike traditional site-built homes, mobile homes tend to be relatively affordable and easy to upgrade. Mobile home parts and accessories that enhance the look and functionality of the home without complex or costly installations. If you want to give your manufactured home a fresh look, the following parts are some of the best options available.

Roof Overs

Need a roof repair? The type of mobile home roofing you need will depend on when your home was built. Those built before the 1976 implementation of regulations by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development tend to have flat or bowed roofs. Homes built after this tend to have pitched or peaked roofs. Roof overs allow you to build a new roof over the existing one, offering a cost-effective, easy-to-install option.


In mobile homes, skirting is installed around the home’s bottom exterior to keep out pests and moisture as well as to improve the visual appeal of the home. It can create a more “finished” look beneath the home by covering up any piers, tie-downs, and concrete slabs. Skirting comes in a wide array of materials and options, including brick, stone, wood, vinyl, and steel, helping to create a completed aesthetic that adds some personality.


Another wonderful way to jazz up the exterior of your home is to install new awnings. Awnings cover the porch, patio, windows, or steps. Awnings endure the harsh sun, rain, wind, snow, and damage caused by trees and critters. Refreshing your mobile home with a new awning or two can really give it that like-new sparkle you’re after. New awnings also can be used to add some color, if desired.


Carports are a great way to boost the value of your mobile home while also adding big functionality and convenience. They create extra covered space for storing your vehicles, but also work as makeshift patios when the weather is less than pleasant outside. And, like awnings, carports tend to bear the brunt of nature, so replacing them periodically can drastically improve the exterior of your home.

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Replacing your mobile home’s exterior steps can create a fresh, new look while also improving safety. We recommend investing in a new set of fiberglass steps if you’re seeking an economical, practical solution. Fiberglass is exceptionally durable and will resist rotting, warping, and decaying, even when faced with constant exposure to harsh weather conditions. Fiberglass steps are also easy to mount and affordable, offering a quick, cost-effective exterior upgrade.


Not only do new windows give your home a look of newness, but they also provide heightened functionality for the whole family. Upgrading to some brand-new windows can help make your manufactured home even more energy-efficient, helping to lower your energy bills as well as lessen your carbon footprint. New windows will also bring additional strength and style to both the interior and exterior of your mobile home.

Porch Enclosures

Another excellent way to improve the value of your home is to add a porch or sunroom, which allows you to enjoy the fresh air throughout the year without the harshness of the heat, bugs, cold, or rain. What’s so great about adding a mobile home sunroom is that, like your home itself, they are delivered right to you in one piece. This provides an affordable, uncomplicated solution for enhancing the look of your home whidfle also adding some livable square footage. No contractor chasing necessary!

Mobile home parts to upgrade your home

Great Mobile Home Parts and Products to Enhance the Look and Value of Your Home

The fact that they are highly customizable and affordable to improve are two of the biggest benefits of living in a mobile home. When something goes wrong, whether it’s a leaky roof cracking awnings, repairs are generally not a huge issue when you live in a manufactured home. With these wonderful improvements, you’ll be able to keep your mobile home in great shape for decades into the future.

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