7 Amenities that Mobile Home Community Residents Love

mobile home park amenities
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Mobile home parks, often referred to as manufactured home communities, are slowly gaining popularity in the modern world. Over the years, communities have done a great job of accommodating different lifestyles for a larger variety of resident types. Whether it’s retirees, families, or single-persons, they are well-suited for the needs and preferences of many people.

Oftentimes, moving to a mobile home community is a decision that people make because of the amenities. When choosing between an apartment, house, or community, many residents weigh the value of the grounds, facilities, services, and even event gatherings against a more solo way of life.

Community life has a lot to offer, but what exactly do residents find most appealing about living in them?

In this post, we will take a comprehensive look at the amenities offered by mobile home parks.

1. Comfort & Security

Mobile home parks offer residents a comfortable, secure living environment by providing a gated community. As part of their comprehensive amenity plan, manufactured home communities include security gates. Residents can move about their business without having to worry about modern-day crimes such as theft.

However, understand that gated features can add a few thousand dollars to the cost of your home. The good news is that you get to have a safe environment to conduct your day-to-day activities. You also get to add a sense of luxury to your life.

2. Recreational Facilities & Events

Mobile home parks are more than just a series of manufactured homes within the same location. Residents in these communities get together to build connections with a strong sense of friendship and camaraderie. You get to have friends who become family when living in these facilities.

mobile home park recreational facilities

If you are a retiree or single-person, you need to live in a community that allows you to mingle with the neighbors and make new friends. These mobile home parks include central places where residents can gather and enjoy one another’s company. Some of these facilities even include playgrounds and sports courts to help boost connections through activities.

3. Waterfront Views

Have you always wanted a waterfront view? Nothing beats watching the sun escape the ocean gold horizon. However, you will quickly learn that coastal living can be rather expensive. The good news is that manufactured home communities can offer you waterfront views to suit your budget.

In California luxury manufactured home facilities, you can get a waterfront view at just $2.5 million. There is no doubt that home parks are revolutionizing coastal living. At MHVillage, for example, you get a wide selection of manufactured home facilities to choose from at an affordable price. You will always get something that suits your needs.

Waterfront views in mobile home parks

4. Green Spaces

Mobile home parks include shared community parks and lots of green spaces. Residents can design their dream backyard oasis due to the oversized lots. It is almost impossible to create a garden in apartments and rental homes.

You also get to enjoy the landscaped common areas and parks. The lush landscapes of manufactured home facilities provide an escape to the everyday hassles of modern-day living. Residents can sit down and enjoy the breathtaking views of mountain tops, sunrise, and sunsets.

5. High-Quality Pools

Nothing is more relaxing than lounging poolside in comfortable deck chairs during a hot summer day. Mobile parks offer amazing community pools that are ideal for large families and get-together parties. Because these facilities accommodate many individuals, they integrate large, high-quality swimming pools.

With mobile parks, you don’t have to take your family to crowded public pools. Residents also avoid the hassle of maintaining a private backyard pool. Understand that the shared pools in manufactured home communities stay clean and hygienic, thanks to qualified staff. You get to enjoy pristine pools without the high installation and maintenance costs.

manufactured home community pool

6. Availability of Critical Infrastructure

Manufactured home communities include all the essential infrastructure such as roads and utility connections. Residents don’t have to worry about simple things such as electric, water, gas, and sewer lines. Investors take care of all the maintenance costs of road and utility connections, thus giving the residents peace of mind.

In case of any problems with essential infrastructure, mobile home parks include a dedicated maintenance staff. Understand that all the staff members go through vetting to ensure residents get nothing but high-quality services. In most instances, the employees can help you with simple repairs in your home at an affordable fee. You will, therefore, get to save a lot of money and time without compromising on quality.

7. Pet-Friendly Living

An apartment complex or traditional city lot might not provide an ideal home for your pet. Many rental properties and apartments limit the number or types of pets that can live within the space. In some situations, you will have to pay steep fees for your beloved pets.

Mobile parks offer pet-friendly living environments through facilities such as dog parks. You also get plenty of space for walks around the neighborhood. Your pet will, therefore, get enough exercise to stay fit and healthy. Finally, you are never limited to the type and number of pets you can have within the facility.


Are you thinking about relocating to a manufactured home community? From the above article, you can see that these facilities include a lot of amenities and perks. You get to live a comfortable life with resort-style amenities at an affordable price.

MHVillage is an advertising and real estate listing service that exclusively focuses on mobile & manufactured homes. We will help you find the mobile park home of your dreams without having to break the bank. Ensure you contact us today to start enjoying all the benefits of a master-planned manufactured home community. You might not brush shoulders with a celebrity, but at least you will live in a thriving and vibrant community.

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