How to Create the Perfect Home Office Space

Did you know that one in four full-time employees in the United States work remotely? That’s according to 2023 data released by the U.S. Labor Department, but some studies place that number even higher. 

Either way, there are an increasing number of working adults that work from home. While some work out of a home office, many still work out of their bedroom, kitchen, or living room, and not a dedicated office space. 

If you’re looking for the perfect way to create the perfect home office space, then this blog post is for you. 

What Is a Home Office? 

Simply put, a home office space is a dedicated area in your mobile home for a professional office setup. This can be either a full room that’s converted into an office, or an area of a room with all of your office needs. 

There are many benefits to a mobile home office setup. For one, you have a space that’s solely dedicated to your work. Whether you work in marketing, business, or make homemade goods, having a space solely for your breadwinning ventures can improve your productivity and focus during your work hours. 

You also may have the benefit of privacy. When it comes to Zoom calls, children running around in the background or your roommates cooking lunch may end up being an undue distraction. A space where you can handle your business with the door closed means video calls with clients, or phone calls in a sales center setting, makes a home office very highly sought after for those who work remotely. 

The most important thing to remember about a home office is that they’re what you make them. No two people are alike when it comes to working styles, schedules, or professions, so curating your space to fit your needs is essential. This means making sure you have the right amount of working space, privacy, and personal flair to make the space feel like yours is the best way to get the most mileage out of your home office.  

The Essentials

Of course, no mobile home office is complete without the following essentials: 


Chances are, you’ll need a desk for your home office no matter what type of work you do. A desk can hold space for your computer or laptop, a streaming setup, or crafting space if you sew or make other goods by hand. 

The right desk will be just the right size for you, both in terms of tabletop surface room and storage space offered by any shelves and drawers that are included. Thankfully, there are limitless options available for desks out there that make finding one just for you far from impossible. 


You can’t get work done in your office without being able to see what you’re doing. So, the proper amount of lighting is essential to any home office setup. 

If the main light source in your office isn’t adequate, the right floor lamp can often do the trick. Or, a lamp on your desk can be a more space-efficient, yet just as effective option. 

Also consider how much natural light your home office gets, too. If you have a window near your desk, consider letting in some light during the daytime to liven up your space. 

Video Conferencing 

Many people who work remotely often video conference via Zoom or other video calling software. So, it’s important that your home office space has an adequate backdrop for when you’re on camera. 

A neutral, yet inviting background is often best for video calls. Many people choose to point their camera at either a blank wall, a wall with a decorating fixture such as a painting or a hanging decorative plant, or use their entire room as a backdrop. 

Whatever you choose, make sure your home office setup is geared towards a high-quality video call from your end, from your background to your appearance. Lighting comes into play here, too – you don’t want to appear too dim to your boss during your team meetings.  

Make Your Own Perfection

Of course, these aren’t the only things that a manufactured home office will have. The reality is that a home office space will have your own personal touch that makes it work best for you. 

If you’re looking for inspiration on kitting out your home office with quality-of-life upgrades, there are hundreds, if not thousands of influencers and content creators on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms dedicated to sharing the best in office tech with as many people as possible. For example, a recent TikTok showing one influencer’s favorite office must-haves received over 160,000 likes as of this writing.  

Not everyone will need smart timers or specialty fabric shelves in their home office, but regardless of what you need, you have the power to make your home office space truly unique. 

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That’s where MHVillage comes in. On, you can browse for thousands of manufactured and mobile homes for sale all over the country. Here, you’ll be able to find the perfect home that fits your lifestyle, complete with many that have home offices or rooms that can be converted into one. 

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