7 Manufactured Home Holiday Party Hacks

holiday dinner manufactured home holiday party

Host A Holiday Gathering and Show Off Your Manufactured Home

The holidays are upon us, and one of the greatest ways to celebrate the season is to toss a party with some of your favorite people. There are many reasons to host a holiday gathering. Not the least of which is to show off your mobile home or manufactured home.

Have you purchased a new model home, recently completed a room renovation in your manufactured home, upgraded the kitchen, or do you simply have a couple of new recipes you’ve wanted to try?

Now is the time!

sweet treats manufactured home holiday party
A nicely designed holiday treat bar to greet your favorite guests.

How To Throw A Splendid Holiday Gathering

The Ultimate Kitchen 3, photo courtesy of Champion Homes.

Here’s the great thing: Throwing a party in your manufactured home is just throwing a party. There is no overwhelming need for small space party considerations or any concern about having the proper appliances for all that’s on the menu. Manufactured homes have come such a long way, with open floor plans and full-size kitchen accouterment, all you need to plan for is the full look of surprise and delight from your friends and family.

Consequently, the real consideration is how to accentuate all the positives. Here are a few tips on situating the perfect holiday party in the home you love.

festive lighting manufactured home holiday party
Set the mood with some festive lighting.

7 Holiday Party Hacks Certain To Succeed

  1. Greet your guests with warmth and twinkles for the holidays. Do you have a front yard or main entry that can be accented with festive holiday lighting? Let’s face it, whether it’s a string of holiday lights, LED candles in the windows, or a fire pit set up outside for s’mores, songs or campfire toasts, the holiday spirits certainly will soar with a beautiful light display.
  2. Individualized stemmed glasses or trinkets to accent. Gathering even a few guestssnacks and drinks manufactured home holiday party in your home may require somehow individualizing glasses for the punch bowl or cocktail bar. A fun holiday idea is to put out distinctive glassware to set each container apart, or make a home art project out of wire and beads for individual accents on stemware.
  3. Use your kitchen island as a wine station/cocktail bar and appetizer stop. If you have wine stowed away, bring it out for a day. Bring all of your spirits to the top shelf. This will allow your guests to serve themselves, and you to do more mingling.
  4. What’s the best room in your home for entertaining? Whatever your favorite space table setting manufactured home holiday partyis, be certain to accentuate it with a festive wall hanging, holiday photos of family and friends, or even make it the main place for dining and socializing. If you love the kitchen, hold the party there, just bring in some extra barstools or put on some lively music and dance through the gig. If you want your holiday party to be more of a seated and plated affair, draw out a table through the living area or create an indoor-outdoor combination!
  5. Decorate… just enough. You want to create a festive space, doing just a little something visual for the season. But refrain from overdoing it. The focus should be on the party and the people, but a little dab of holiday delight never hurts.
  6. Turn off the TV. We at MHVillage appreciate the big game as much as anyone, butby the fire manufactured home holiday party there’s a time and place for everything. Try not to schedule your gathering when everyone will want to tune in. Your party is about tuning out, appreciating the moment, and making memories with family and friends. So turn your TV into a music box, put it on the log-fire channel, or simply close the cabinet for the time being.
  7. Consider courses or go family-style. We won’t pretend to direct your menu choices, but how you present the delectables is worth consideration. Will you conduct a full, small plate affair? Or would you prefer to have guests seated and served? It can be a mix, as well, but figure out what foods best fit the plan for seating and eating.

Do You Like to Give or Receive Gifts?

A holiday party among friends and loved ones doesn’t necessarily need to involve gift-giving. However, if shopping is a love of yours, or if you simply delight in giving a thoughtful gift, ensure that guests know this well ahead of time and allow them to reciprocate. Perhaps you set up a “white elephant” exchange? Or you ask that everyone bring a simple, fun and friendly gift that could be appreciated by anyone. Guests can choose at random, and let the swapping begin.

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